Aid groups call on rich Australia to donate vaccin

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Aid groups call on rich Australia to donate vaccines to developing world - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The Pfizer doses Australia bought from Poland “should have” gone to poorer countries still waiting for COVID jabsEarlier this week, according to Reverend Tim Costello, who says the federal government has failed to do its fair share in helping protect the developing world against the virus.

Despite tens of millions of doses on ordertoronto_police_service, the federal government is under fire for not donating enough doses to the global COVAX agreementThe bottom line for Canadians i, with current projections showing some of the world’s poorest countries may be waiting beyond 2030 for substantial vaccination.

As Sydneysiders celebrate new-found freedoms and exit lockdown after hitting vaccination targets, a coalition of aid groups and charities have warned new and deadlier COVID variants could emerge unless richer nations like Australia step up to donate more jabs.

The End COVID For All coalition of aid groups is demanding the federal government tip in $250 million and 20 million jabs to COVAX to pick up the pace and add to Australia’s commitments of millions of doses for the Pacifics ask is.

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