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There is no garden house, but it is also a good thing to have a beautiful garden balcony. Decorate the balcony into a favorite space, and reasonably decorate and design our balcony, which can not only make reasonable use of the space, but also improve our happiness in life. Today, Xiaobian will introduce some things you must know about the balcony, so that everyone can install a satisfactory balcony

balcony classification

first of all, we need to know what kind of balcony our house belongs to. There are three common kinds of balconies

convex balcony

is the most common balcony, with independent space and flexible layout, and the building area is only half

concave balcony

is more firm and reliable, with a large safety factor; But there is no corner right angle, and the landscape vision is narrow

semi concave and semi convex balcony

integrates the advantages of concave and convex balconies. The layout is more flexible, and the space appears to change

whether the balcony should be closed

advantages of closed balcony:

1. It can effectively prevent problems caused by external environment such as dust, haze, rain, noise, etc

2. It can increase the residential area and transform the enclosed balcony space into a study, small bedroom, leisure room and other functional rooms

3. It can effectively reduce the load of air conditioning, save energy and electricity

advantages of open balcony:

1. The open balcony can direct sunlight, making the indoor sunshine more abundant

2. The indoor and outdoor air forms convection, which increases the freshness of indoor air, reduces indoor bacteria, and makes the indoor environment more dry, comfortable and transparent

3. When encountering an accident, it is a leftover channel

therefore, open balcony and closed balcony have their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether to close the balcony or not, the owners should decide according to the situation of individuals and house types, not one size fits all

four precautions for balcony decoration:

1. Pay attention to waterproof and drainage

when decorating, consider the horizontal inclination to allow water to flow to the drainage hole, and also pay attention to the application of waterproof layer, otherwise it will be troublesome for the balcony to accumulate water and leak

2. Balcony sockets should be reserved

in the later stage, the balcony may be installed and transformed into a laundry room or some functional rooms. Switch sockets must be reserved and washing machines and other electrical appliances must be used

3. Lamps and lanterns cannot be less

install ceiling lights or outdoor special lights on the balcony, even if it is used as a balcony for drying clothes, it can also make it better to collect clothes at night. If it is a summer evening, you can also eat snacks, drink wine, chat on the balcony, watch the stars and admire the moon, adding a romantic atmosphere

4. Balcony furniture should be light and waterproof

furniture placed on the balcony should be light and simple, preferably foldable, which can be easily handled and used. If it has waterproof performance and can withstand outdoor wind and rain, it is better

here are some things that the balcony decoration owners must know





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