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The furniture industry is believed to develop in a better direction in 2018. It is in a state of groping for this year's furniture trend style, and has shown a rational and independent color trend as a whole. Both the natural return of the city and the simple Zen bedroom are following the tranquility of home life. Future home fashion direction groping forward, the overall wardrobe brand Deville

minimalist quiet Zen

the 20th century modern architect Mies van der Rohe's "less is more" has brought the spirit of minimalism into home design, simplifying the design elements, colors, lighting, materials to a minimum, and the spatial structure is only shown by accurate proportions and details. When minimalism meets logs and bonsai, there is a little more Zen between tranquility and emptiness

create: minimalism because of the large space, the most important thing in the layout is to grasp the proportion. The golden ratio is a practice worthy of reference, but it is not the only one. You can also judge the texture of different proportions through perception, but you should also grasp certain rules. In addition, because of the single color, the choice of furniture or building materials products must be atmospheric and textured

pluralistic harmonious symbiosis

"the most popular style is no style", said xiehaitao, the initiator of Jintang award and the curator of d+b Expo. In the Internet era, consumers can enjoy home design more fully and freely, so that multiculturalism collides with fire, resulting in all kinds of "integrated" designs

create: a "integrated" home decoration style design, whether in color matching or style selection, try to focus on one or two, not too much. When splicing different styles, * it is better to consult the designer

the elegant charm of Ming style lines

Chinese furniture technology has a long history, and it began to form a unique format in the Ming Dynasty. In recent years, Ming style furniture has gradually got rid of the dull form of the past in the aftertaste of Chinese designers' exploration over and over again, and is also loved by more and more people, even young people. As a representative of the cultural style of Chinese furniture, Ming style furniture has been inherited and evolved again and again because of its generous shape, concise outline, fine production and other characteristics. For example, with the beautiful and elegant lines of the Ming Dynasty, there is such a concise but rigorous, changeable and vigorous study design. The use of straight bars is not only large furniture, such as tables and chairs, bookcases, doors and windows, but also small decorations, such as the decorative design of door frames, the interval separation of bookcases, etc. even floor lamps are combined with lines of different lengths, which is full of charm

building: for rooms with Chinese style, it is more important to understand the spirit of Chinese philosophy embodied in these designs while understanding the style itself. After all, the style of Chinese furniture is not only Ming style, and the charm of Ming style furniture is not only lines. For example, if the richness and complexity of the Qing style is extended, there can be new development

return to simplicity and nature

a strong sense of return to natural things such as sunshine, green and mountains and rivers will make people tend to pour homesickness and love for earth into indoor environment and spatial furnishings. Lin Zhenzhong, Professor of the Department of environmental art of the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University and general manager of Beijing Sino US Shengtuo Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd., said that the impact of natural wind on interior decoration is quite obvious, and more and more natural textures appear at home, such as clouds and flowing water, such as the massive use of natural marble

making: the pursuit of environmental protection of products no longer seems to be a topic to spend time discussing. Try to choose pure natural products in the selection of building materials products, but its natural texture will also have a very authentic decorative effect


1 "don't have too many ideas

nowadays, consumers can learn more and more information about style matching, so they will fall into difficult choices of different styles. It is recommended that consumers don't have too many ideas, which is really difficult to choose, and try to control the main style of mixing and matching within two. It's also good to add other styles of decoration appropriately in the future living process

2 "environmental protection comes first

there are rich decoration products, but the products with bright appearance may have mixed quality. Home is a place to live for a long time in the future. Whether the floor or the tea table may be used for several years. It is suggested that when purchasing, we should not only consider whether the color is popular and whether the design is attentive, but also consider more functionality and environmental protection performance. On the premise of ensuring that the functions can meet the needs and the use is safe and healthy, we can make choices according to style matching and personal preferences

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