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The 2018 618 e-commerce promotion is coming. According to platform research and statistics, it is expected that the peak period of order installation and after-sales will be from June 5 to June 30, and the order volume will be 6-8 times that of daily

in order to ensure the smooth development of platform services during the peak period and improve the efficiency of platform order circulation, Luban home united with more than 500 cooperative enterprises on the platform to jointly launch the "clothes rack product service standard during 618". Teachers must carefully study and implement it to ensure their own service quality and eliminate violations

notice on the installation of clothes hanger products during the 618 period

dear master Luban,

in order to ensure the timeliness and quality of platform service during the peak period of 618 installation, improve the business service experience, and bring more revenue opportunities to the masters, the following provisions are reached on the installation standard of clothes hanger products:

1 The master must contact the customer to make an appointment within 6 hours after receiving the order

note: when making an appointment, be sure to verify the number of packages, installation address, installation environment and other information

2. After receiving the order, it is not allowed to charge additional fees without authorization. If the fee needs to be increased for special reasons, it should be reported to the platform customer service in time, otherwise it will be heavily fined

3. After the appointment, the master shall not change the installation time at will. If the door-to-door service cannot be carried out on time due to special reasons, it is necessary to communicate and negotiate with the customer at least one day in advance to avoid complaints

note: please keep the call unobstructed after receiving the order

4. Before installation, be sure to verify the layout and installation position of water and electricity on the balcony to avoid damaging the water and electricity pipelines or the balcony of customers; If the water and electricity pipelines are damaged due to unconfirmed location, the master shall bear all compensation costs

note: when confirming the punching position, the master can ask the customer to sign the service confirmation sheet to authorize the punching position

5. During the service process, the installation cost, hanger configuration and product quality shall not be negatively evaluated, and the violator shall permanently terminate the cooperation

6. After the installation of the main body is completed, it is necessary to carry out the hanging weight commissioning to ensure that the product can be used normally under the hanging weight, and then the installation is completed

note: if the master cannot use it normally due to his failure to debug, the master must carry out door-to-door maintenance free of charge

7. If the margin master fails to confirm within 2 hours after receiving the assigned order, the system will automatically recover it and suspend the order assignment on the same day

I hope the masters will strictly abide by the above relevant regulations and improve their service quality. Excellent masters will receive a large number of order resource allocation on the platform. Don't miss it

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june 1, 2018





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