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Unknowingly, the Regional Conference of "ten million" storefront model of lacca wardrobe came to the last stop - Jiangxi Xinyu. In an active and passionate atmosphere of dealers, the conference came to a successful conclusion. We look forward to the more brilliant tomorrow of Roca

the falling red hasn't completely turned into spring mud, and pomegranate has a smile. The first cicadas came one after another, and summer came. Summer is like a young man. The scorching sun is his bright smiling face, and the burst of heat is his vigorous breath

at the beginning of this summer in 2015, Lauca ended the "revolutionary" National Regional Conference. After that, Laoka will fully burst out the fire of Laoka people's enthusiasm, burn the heat of summer and embrace the fruitful autumn. Today, May 28, Jiangxi, the last stop, is its closing point. It is also a new starting point. In 2015, the "ten million" store model of Laoka is on the road

during the Jiangxi regional conference, the atmosphere was lively and the expression was strange! It's mainly about learning and punishment. It's really lively. Sharing is the highlight of this meeting. For example, the Ganzhou signing case and Ruijin's pertinent sharing can enable the regional dealers present to find their own problems in the interaction and absorb the valuable experience of others

review of previous regional meetings:

first stop: Sichuan, Chongqing

second stop: Guangxi

third stop: Henan

fourth stop:

the last stop: Jiangxi. In 2015, Laoka is on the road

with the business philosophy of "creating value, adhering to win-win results and returning customers", lacca wardrobe has achieved good development. At present, franchisees all over the country have joined the army of lacca wealth creation, forming a huge sales network across the country. It has laid a solid foundation for the later generations to create wealth





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