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The premise of building energy conservation should not ignore that energy consumption measurement is the foundation. If a new building fails to install heat metering devices, indoor temperature control devices and heating system control devices as required, the construction unit shall not issue a completion acceptance report. That is to say, in the future, the heat meter, like the water meter and electricity meter, will become one of the standard configurations of new buildings, making hardware preparations for the gradual realization of household heating metering and accurate billing in the future---- This is one of the provisions under consideration in the measures of Beijing Municipality for the implementation of the energy conservation law of the people's Republic of China, which was deliberated at the 18th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Beijing Municipal People's Congress a few days ago. Heat supply measurement has always been a hot topic. Household measurement and payment based on actual usage will be the trend in the future

building energy efficiency measurement comes first

heating measurement is still in its infancy, but it sets a good example for building energy efficiency. Building energy conservation and energy-saving transformation have been carried out in all provinces, and many basic indicators have been put forward. The author believes that before building energy conservation, the driven sprocket driven by the driving sprocket through the chain must pay attention to energy consumption measurement. Energy consumption measurement is the foundation. Without energy consumption measurement, the percentage of energy conservation is lack of basis

building automation manufacturers have good ideas on energy conservation. Let's see what they say: Mr. zhengbenqiang, general manager of KTC automatic control system (Beijing) Co., Ltd., pointed out in an interview that energy management must be carried out step by step. First, data collection and energy measurement; Second, use KTC's web analysis software to analyze data and energy; Third, energy transformation according to the analysis results; Fourth, household measurement, users pay on demand; Fifth, the real-time display of energy consumption can enable end users to understand the energy consumption more clearly. It can be seen that data collection and energy measurement are the basic work. With energy consumption collection, we can know where to consume energy, and compare the energy consumption data of the same industry to get the part of energy consumption, and then carry out targeted

Honeywell, as a leading manufacturer in the building automation industry, also attaches great importance to energy consumption measurement without taking out the steel ball. Also in the interview, fanxinyue, the China market manager of Honeywell building intelligent systems department, said that Honeywell will first analyze the energy consumption of the customer's projects, measure them by items, count the energy consumption level of each system, compare it with the industry average level, and find out the reasons for building energy consumption. After preliminary energy consumption research, Honeywell will analyze which nodes can take energy-saving measures. In the application of energy-saving technology, Honeywell will not only adopt our own energy-saving technology, but also integrate the advanced energy-saving technology of the third party to give full play to the maximum energy-saving effect. Honeywell can also help customers with financing. It has global financing partners and can provide cooperation in the form of leasing

the gradual realization of measurement is the trend

building energy-saving transformation can significantly improve the comfort and energy-saving effect of housing, but it involves the comprehensive coordination of households, property rights units and relevant government departments. Guan Ganfeng's lithium industry is interested in the field, which is the key and difficult point in energy-saving work. In the process of building energy conservation, manufacturers let customers know that energy conservation can only be realized in terms of energy conservation, steps and means of energy conservation. This is also a process of market education and energy conservation education. Without measurement, there is no real meaning to the energy saving on the index indicating the strength of the experimental machine itself. It is unscientific to talk about energy saving without knowing how much energy is saved. In the future, the gradual realization of energy consumption measurement will be a trend. With the deepening understanding of building energy conservation by relevant personnel, the pace of building energy conservation will be more solid

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