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Just yesterday, when the eyes of the world were attracted by the serious terrorist attacks in Paris, France, our neighbor South Korea also had a very serious political event: 70000 people took to the streets and asked President Park Geun hye to step down! This is the largest mass event in Korea in the past 10 years

the South Korean government dispatched a large number of riot police to fire tear gas and water cannons at the demonstrators, resulting in one person seriously injured, many injured and dozens of people arrested

when South Korea was shocked by the outbreak of the great march, we could not help wondering why such a serious political crisis suddenly broke out in South Korea? The main group in this street parade is the working class in South Korea. The reason why they are so angry is that South Korean President Park Geun hye has adopted a series of radical reforms. 1、 Park Geun hye plans to completely change the policy of determining salary "based on job qualifications" and replace it with a salary strategy "based on job performance". 2、 She also plans to relax the layoff requirements of enterprises and government agencies, allow enterprises and government agencies to change the company's employee employment terms without employees' consent, and encourage enterprises and government agencies to hire more temporary contract workers. 3、 As South Korea has signed free trade agreements with many countries, park Geun hye has to make corresponding policy adjustments in order to fulfill these commitments. South Korea will have to give up some of its legislative sovereignty, allow and arrive at the purchaser's site to repair the fault in the shortest time. The American company challenges some policies formulated by the South Korean government that may damage the company's interests, and will not let these policies be introduced. 4、 Under the requirements of the free trade agreement between South Korea and China, a large number of cheap Chinese agricultural products will enter the South Korean market, causing South Korean farmers to worry that they will lose their jobs. 5、 In addition, South Korea also intends to join the US led trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) At present, although the specific contents of the agreement have not been made public, the grassroots in Korean society generally believe that this may also be a free trade agreement that will seriously damage the interests of Koreans. Obviously, these policies have touched the interests of many enterprise employees and government civil servants who have worked for many years

the demonstrators clashed with the police. In the face of such a reform that would harm the "vested interests" of a large number of employees, the trade unions in South Korea immediately became angry and soon organized a large number of workers to take to the streets to protest. However, in addition to the protests triggered by economic interests, there were also a group of scholars and democracy activists among the 70000 people protesting this time. Their dissatisfaction is mainly directed against a policy on "history textbooks" that the park Geun hye government intends to fully implement in 2017. It turns out that Korean history textbooks were previously compiled by non-governmental educational institutions. However, in the view of Park Geun hye's government, these history textbooks have a lot of "biased" and "distorted" descriptions of Korean history. Some users still use origin and other more professional graphics processing software for later data processing. Therefore, her government decided that from 2017, all middle school history textbooks in South Korea would be prepared and published by the government. Many Democrats worry that since Park Geun hye is the daughter of South Korean dictator Park Chung Hee, if the teaching materials are prepared by the government, park Geun hye may beautify her father's authoritarian history. At present, 380 professors at Seoul University, the highest national university in South Korea, have jointly opposed the practice of Park Geun hye's government. And the public opinion is also on the side of scholars and Democrats. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the temperature, vibration and internal wires of electromechanical devices. It seems that President Park Geun hye, who is "bright" in the eyes of our Chinese people, actually faces serious difficulties in South Korea

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