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The total financing amount of artificial intelligence enterprises has exceeded 3.5 billion yuan.

since this year, the new third board market has been in a continuous downturn, and listed companies have lamented the difficulty in financing. However, companies in some industries have bucked the trend and been sought after by institutions

yes, the new round of cloud technology financing has been completed

Tong learned exclusively from several different channels that this AI unicorn's first national team company has once again received capital assistance and recently completed a new round of financing, with a cumulative financing amount of more than 3.5 billion

compared with the previous round of valuation of 15billion yuan, Yuncong technology now has a valuation of more than 23billion yuan in less than a year, which is one of the fastest growing AI companies in the world

in the round of cloud financing from science and technology, China Guoxin, Guangzhou industrial investment fund, Guangdong Yueke financial group, Shanghai Liansheng capital, Bohai Industrial Investment Fund and other national team background funds took shares, and the old shareholders also participated in the follow-up investment to varying degrees

from a start-up research group with only 5 people in 2011, to a laboratory with 40 people in initial scale, and then to an industrialized company with 100 and 1000 people. Although Yuncong technology has only been established for three years, it has experienced seven years of development

ai national team

founded in 2015, Yuncong was born in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and founded by Zhou Xi. The team members include not only the technical elites of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also the core participants of China's strategic leading science and technology projects

Zhou Xi was born in 1981. Later, he was admitted to the famous University of science and technology of China. At the age of 25, he joined the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign to study under Thomas S. Huang, the "father of computer vision". During his doctoral and postdoctoral years, he led his team to win the champion of six world pattern recognition competitions, and successively studied at Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, IBM Watson Research Institute and NEC California Research Institute

in 2011, CAS plans to build research institutes in Southwest China, which is in urgent need of top-notch talents and top technology. Thomas S. Huang, as a foreign academician, is very concerned about the scientific and technological development of the foreign mainland, which coincides with Zhou Xi's idea of returning to China to work

as a result, Zhou Xi returned to China as the "Hundred Talents Program" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He joined forces with the National University of Singapore and UIUC to set up an international joint laboratory in Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He published more than 60 papers and was cited thousands of times. At the same time, Zhou Xi's team successfully developed the country's first face brushing payment prototype system in 2012 and became the only face recognition team in China's national strategic leading science and technology project

in March, 2015, Zhou Xi officially founded Yuncong technology, hoping that when the AI outbreak is coming, the advanced artificial intelligence technology "can really make all kinds of bags on the market be called" environmental protection bags ", requiring two instruments of the same model", and change the long-term blank and backward situation in China's artificial intelligence field

in terms of specific goals, Zhou Xi hopes to use face recognition technology to become a natural cross industry portal, and use big data and computer vision technology to help people achieve "ubiquitous and omnipotent" Ai services, such as "face brushing security", "face brushing withdrawal", "no one point", "intelligent risk control", etc

so far, cloud technology has completed four rounds of financing

angel round was launched in 2015 with an estimated value of 200million yuan, invested by Jiadu technology and Jieao capital

at the end of 2015, the a round with an estimated value of 1billion yuan was completed, and liuyiqian and other capital leaders entered

in November 2017, the B round with an estimated value of 15billion yuan was completed, led by Lei Jun's Shun Wei capital and PwC capital

after the completion of this round of financing with a valuation of over 23billion yuan, the latest development route disclosed by cloud technology may also be implemented faster

the national artificial intelligence basic public service platform was launched this year

in 2017 and 2018, Yuncong technology undertook the construction tasks of the national development and Reform Commission's "code for planning and design of urban residential areas GB50180 (9) 3 (2002 Edition)" interconnection + "major project -" artificial intelligence basic resources public service platform "and" artificial intelligence "major project -" industrialization and application project of high accuracy face recognition system "

at present, Yuncong technology has announced that it will launch the national artificial intelligence basic resources public service platform on October 12. The first batch of users include customers such as the people's Bank of China and China Unicom

it is worth noting that the artificial intelligence platform of cloud Cong technology has been launched in many industries before, providing services to more than 400 banks nationwide, with an average of more than 216million calls per day

it is reported that the market share of cloud Cong in important industries is as high as 75%

finally, in the current international situation, the progress of cloud technology is good news

a few days ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of major projects for the deep integration of artificial intelligence and real economy in 2018, and the cloud was exposed from the technology AI chip project

it is reported that at present, Yuncong technology has reached cooperation with several domestic AI chip enterprises to jointly develop artificial intelligence dedicated chips centered on algorithms, and strive to get rid of dependence on foreign products

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