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Don't let the foreign packaging "blow your eyes"

recently, the Dai County Administration for Industry and Commerce of Shanxi Province conducted a one week special inspection on the quality of small food in food supermarkets. Among the 198 varieties of snack foods examined, 18 kinds of snack foods were printed with the words "United States", "Japan" and "Canada" on their packages. For example, a small food marked "American big red apricot" was found to be produced by a private enterprise in Fujian Province after careful inspection. In addition to the four Chinese characters "American big red apricot" marked on the package, other descriptions are marked in English. No wonder many consumers do not know it and think it is really an imported "American big red apricot"

during the inspection, it was also found that the packaging bags of pistachios, pine nuts and other small foods in many food supermarkets and food stores marked "the experimental software of impact testing machine (auto parts testing machine) was upgraded to American pistachios, Japanese hazelnuts and Canadian pine nuts free of charge" in large font. Even foreign flags are printed on the packaging to indicate the "authenticity" of their identity, but a closer look will reveal problems. These "foreign foods" are all marked with the manufacturer's address and in an inconspicuous place in a very small font, and only a few are marked with the words "general agent", "authorization" or "supervision" on the packaging, And they have a common feature is that the price of these small foods in dress is significantly higher than that of domestic small foods without dress

so why is this phenomenon? Through a detailed investigation, it is found that there are several reasons:

first, it is driven by interests, using the psychology of some consumers who are superstitious about foreign food. Now, after the reform has been raised to a set height and stabilized, all obstacles in the circle of using wood blocks and pendulum strikes have been removed, and the dial pointer has been set to the energy scale of Zui strike. Many foreign foods have begun to enter the Chinese market. Objectively speaking, foreign foods do have their own advantages. At the same time, they are indeed superior to domestic foods in some aspects. Of course, the price is relatively high and the profit space is relatively large. Perhaps it is precisely this point that individual illegal enterprises have tried to design foreign packaging for their own food to deceive consumers

the second is the automatic storage of such fake foreign food, most of which are sold to towns and villages at or below the county level. Because this market is relatively large, consumers' ability to distinguish between true and false is not very strong, and it is easy to sell; Second, there will be fewer inspections by the administrative departments of industry and commerce, quality supervision, and health, because there are many points and a wide range of areas, and the inspection is difficult. Once they are seized, they will not be punished much because of the small amount; For three years, most of the children like the colorful packaging, and the sales are OK. However, supermarkets in big cities have strict control over the access system of food supermarkets due to standardized management, so it is difficult to sell such foods with nonstandard packaging

thirdly, there are many loopholes in trademark identification, packaging and printing management. With the progress of printing Phototypesetting Technology, many self-employed businesses can set up a small printing enterprise. These small printing enterprises can not only print packaging, but also strictly manage trademark logos. As long as they are profitable, such as 3D printing and heat dissipation, they can still print. However, most of these printing enterprises have strong concealment due to their small scale, which makes it difficult to find out

in fact, if a domestic manufacturer does sign a relevant agency contract with a foreign enterprise, and the domestic origin and manufacturer name are respectively stated on the outer packaging, it is also impeccable. Otherwise, if such words are printed without authorization, it will inevitably constitute trademark infringement. Therefore, as consumers, when buying food, they must take a close look. Do not be deceived by superstitious foreign food

source: China Food News

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