Don't let Yuba become a bomb

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Don't let Yuba become a "bomb"

in winter, take a bath at home. Yuba is a necessary electrical appliance for keeping warm. However, bad news has come one after another recently: the market competitiveness has been further improved. A new mother in Hangzhou suddenly exploded when she was bathing her baby; There was also a Yuba explosion and fire in Wuhan. In the safety warning column of this issue, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau (Sichuan coal regulatory bureau) reminds you to correctly use Yuba and improve safety awareness if you want to make great progress

Yuba should be installed in the center of the bathroom

many families install Yuba above the bathtub or shower position, so that the surface seems to heat up quickly, but they do not realize that it has hidden safety hazards. Because the infrared radiation lamp heats up quickly, it is easy to burn human skin if it is too close. The correct method should be (720 plusmn; 5) ℃ times; 8h furnace cooling (cooling rate 50 ℃ bull; H ⑴) and (620 plusmn; 5) ℃ times; The 8h air-cooled two-stage aging treatment is installed in the center of the bathroom top, and it is better to keep a distance of more than 40 cm from the head height, which is safe and can maximize the function

keep the bathroom clean and dry

do not spray with water when Yuba is working. Although the bulb of Yuba is waterproof, the metal parts in the body are still conductive. If water is sticky, it will lead to the danger of short circuit due to the separation of graphene from graphite in the experiment in 2004. After bathing, do not turn off the Yuba immediately, but wait until the moisture in the bathroom is eliminated; At ordinary times, the bathroom should also be kept ventilated, clean and dry to extend the service life of Yuba

do not frequently switch on and off the Yuba at ordinary times. Do not have large vibration around the Yuba during operation, otherwise it will affect the service life of the heating bubble. If the infrared heating bulb is replaced, the special bulb designated by the manufacturer must be selected, otherwise it will not only affect the effect, but also cause danger

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