Donation of best fire fluke to help Tianjin Binhai

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At about 23:30 on August 12, 2015, Professor ITO and others from Tianjin Binhai started to participate in the government's scientific research project in 2014. The dangerous goods warehouse belonging to Ruihai International Logistics Co., Ltd. of Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area in Tanggu Development Zone, a new area, exploded, causing heavy casualties. Since the explosion, people from all walks of life have taken extensive actions and offered their love. In order to help coastal chemical enterprises to resume safe production as soon as possible, fluke has never stopped its public welfare steps

on December 22, fluke's donation and exchange conference for assisting Tianjin Binhai enterprises in work safety construction was held in Tianjin Binhai Jianguo Hotel. Yangxuefeng, vice president of fluke industrial testing instrument department in China, wangzhidong, manager of fluke industrial testing instrument department in North China, liujingjing, director of medical assistance center of China Red Cross foundation, Li Peng, manager of Chemical Industry Park Committee of China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, Tianjin Tanggu Metrology Institute, Tianjin CNOOC, Sinopec Tianjin oil transmission office, PetroChina and Tianjin Gas Transmission office Representatives from Sinopec Tianjin witnessed this moment

(on the scene of the donation ceremony)

(liujingjing, director of the medical assistance center of the Red Cross Foundation of China)

in the opening speech, liujingjing, director of the medical assistance center of the Red Cross Foundation of China, introduced that fluke, as a world leader in electronic testing and measurement tools, integrated upstream and downstream enterprises and made comprehensive efforts to help the disaster areas, It can be seen that dedication, love and public welfare are the things that fluke has always respected and insisted on doing. They have entered the list of 2017 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises published by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of finance. In the future, the Red Cross will work with fluke and other enterprises to jointly promote the recovery and construction of the disaster areas

(the Red Cross awarded fluke a donation certificate)

the explosion in Tianjin has aroused people's attention to industrial safety. Fluke has always been highly praised in the industry for its safe, durable, accurate and easy-to-use quality standards. From the installation and adjustment of industrial systems to significantly improve the conductivity of adhesives to the calibration and maintenance of process instruments, from laboratory precision measurement and calculation to computer network fault diagnosis, fluke's products help enterprises in all walks of life operate safely and efficiently

(yangxuefeng, vice president of fluke industrial testing instrument department in China)

at the meeting, yangxuefeng, vice president of fluke industrial testing instrument department in China, introduced that fluke has achieved good development since it entered the Chinese market for more than 30 years thanks to the good environment for China's industrial development. The company's core philosophy and values: precision, safety and durability, which run through fluke products. The explosion in Tianjin in August potentially reflected many problems in China's industry in terms of safety awareness and management. As a sensitive social enterprise, fluke hopes that the donated equipment will help the enterprises affected by the August 12 disaster to resume production

(collection of donation ceremony)

(Guoliang, product marketing manager of fluke, gives a lecture on safety and explosion prevention)

intrinsic safety is a protection method used in the environment with potential explosion hazards. Equipment certified as intrinsically safe shall not be designed to release energy sufficient to ignite flammable materials (gas or dust/particles) by thermal or electrical means. The multifunctional process calibrator 725ex, loop calibrator 707ex and intrinsically safe infrared thermometer 568ex donated by fluke in this activity are all products for which air switch and leakage protection device should be installed for intrinsically safe power supply. Among them, fluke 725ex, as the representative of this product series, can provide all the characteristics of the standard 725 instrument and comply with ATEX safety standards. It is a cost-effective solution that can be used to complete the field calibration task

in the future, fluke will uphold the society and protect the safety production of enterprises in the chemical industry. It will never stop

Fluke, founded in 1948, is a world leader in electronic testing tools. Over the years, fluke has created and developed a specific technology market and provided high-quality measurement and fault detection products for various industrial fields. Fluke has a wide range of users, including technicians, engineers, metrologists, etc. they use fluke's test tools to install, diagnose and manage industrial power, electrical equipment and process calibration, and thus control quality. In the past five years, fluke's testing tools have won many awards, and won more than 50 annual product awards, such as the best testing tool award in the testing and measurement world and the engineer selection award in control engineering, which have been highly praised by users

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