Don't let Foxconn run away

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Don't let Foxconn run away

on December 7, Hon Hai group, Foxconn's parent company, announced that it was evaluating potential investment opportunities in the United States to expand its local operations

the news was first revealed by son Zhengyi, founder of Softbank. When chatting with Mr. Trump, the president-elect of the United States, his brother presented a joint investment commitment: Softbank and Hon Hai promised to invest $57billion in the United States in the next four years and create 100000 jobs. Hon Hai Group invested 7billion US dollars

son Zhengyi's investment letter sold Gou

chuanpule, and immediately sent a twitter message:

Japan's Lao sun wants to spend $50billion (Taiwan's Lao Guo is not sure yet, so don't send it first:)

a year ago, Foxconn chairman Gou Taiming disclosed that a group of about 30 people had been investigating in the United States, preparing to lay out artificial intelligence technologies related to the group's field

Foxconn has more than one million employees. It is difficult to describe this enterprise in one sentence

many friends think that Foxconn is still a low-end sweatshop. They think that low-end enterprises such as Foxconn should leave China quickly, and then China's economy can be upgraded more quickly

however, they do not know that Foxconn is the most solid achievement of industrialization since China's reform and opening up

if Foxconn cannot complete the upgrade in China, it will certainly complete it outside China

in the environment where the whole people stir up foam and tell stories, it is Foxconn, a traditional enterprise with accumulation, resources and ecological connection ability, that has a real opportunity to upgrade China's real industries, not those emerging industries chasing the wind

█ the revenue is nearly trillion yuan, twice the sum of Huawei +bat

in 2015, the total revenue of Foxconn parent company Hon Hai group was about NT $4.5 trillion, at the current exchange rate of 970billion yuan

2015: Huawei 288.2 billion (youyou correction: Huawei's revenue in 2015 was 395billion), Tencent 78.9 billion, Alibaba 70.8 billion and Baidu 49.05 billion. The total revenue of the four top IT enterprises in China is 487billion yuan

Hon Hai's turnover is twice the total revenue of these four enterprises

although Hon Hai's profit margin is low, its stability is stronger than its upstream. No matter which enterprise does a good job in consumer electronics terminals, it should do production side business with Hon Hai

Nokia and Motorola used to be big customers of Foxconn. Now they have faded out of the consumer market. Foxconn is more powerful, and even turns around and takes away Nokia function machines

█ Henry Ford, the originator of the industrial assembly line, the first million industrial kingdom in human history, once said: no one can manage 1million people

Foxconn had more than one million employees five years ago. It is the first industrial enterprise with one million employees in human history. It is the product of the peak of the industrial assembly line

Gou roast that he had a headache when he thought of managing onemillion people every day. But it still managed to achieve the most outstanding state in human history. Reaction speed and efficiency are no less than those of small enterprises. For more than a decade in a row, Foxconn has dominated China's exports (accounting for about 5% of the total exports), and its enterprises rank first in the exports of five or six major provinces, including Guangdong, Shandong, Henan and Shanxi

40% of the global consumer electronic products are made by Foxconn

Gou said in an interview: among the top ten best-selling products in the United States last Christmas, 7 were made by Foxconn. I think everyone has read this report. For example, no other company can make the camera and telescopic lens in your hand. This mold is very precise. (if anyone can do it) tell me, I'll buy that company right away

█ precision manufacturing capability that scares the Japanese

Japan's BP news agency once made an in-depth study of Foxconn. The keynote is: don't force the enterprises in your hometown. A Foxconn is catching up

a Japanese local manufacturing personage commented that there is no such perfect OEM enterprise as fast, cheap and high-quality. If it goes on like this, how far will it go? It is frightening to think of this

the Japanese technician of Foxconn said that the reason why he wanted to join Foxconn was to give full play to the economies of scale here and continue the topics he could not do in Japanese funded enterprises before. Maybe someone accused me behind my back of losing technology from Japan. But if there is not enough output, I can not produce the product I want to do. Are there such enterprises in Japan? I hope that after Hon Hai Precision has done its business well, I can contribute to the Japanese industry by promoting the cooperation between Japanese enterprises and Hon Hai Precision

comments of Japan's BP News Agency: up to now, if we don't understand the actual situation of Hon Hai Precision and study the countermeasures, Japanese civil product manufacturers may be difficult to reproduce the past glory

now, sharp, a Japanese electronics giant, has finally been pocketed by Foxconn. Followed by a large number of core patents of sharp in the fields of, liquid crystal and solar energy

█ intellectual property: Google has to buy its patents

Foxconn laid out patents for today in 2008

the name of Foxconn's intellectual property department is the intellectual property management department. Its team of more than 500 people operates tens of thousands of Foxconn patents

from 2013 to 2014, Google continuously purchased patents for communication technology, display and wearable devices from Foxconn. Without these patents, Google can't get into the hardware field

have boasting capital since then? No, it already exists

in 2011, Hon Hai group won the ninth largest number of U.S. patents in the world, and Huawei entered the top 50 list for the first time until 2014. In the global annual patent ranking of MIT, it is the only Chinese enterprise in the top 20 in the world

most of the domestic brand enterprises in China are unable to do anything in the world because they do not have enough patent authorization, and are frequently accused

that's why gou shows off his telescopic lens to the famous man

Foxconn immediately helped sharp set up an intellectual property management company after it acquired sharp. This is the most important asset in Foxconn's eyes

█ Internet giants Alibaba and Tencent are scrambling to cooperate with it

when almost all enterprises kneel and lick Alibaba and Tencent today, Foxconn is the only enterprise that can let the two companies compete for cooperation

in March, 2015, Gou Taiming, Ma Huateng and Zhengzhou harmonious automobile jointly signed the Internet + intelligent electric vehicle platform agreement. Previously, Foxconn and Tencent had jointly invested in the establishment of futuremobility, an electric vehicle company

in June, 2015, Alibaba and Foxconn respectively injected 14.5 billion yen into sbrh, Softbank's robot holding company

in August 2015, Alibaba and Foxconn invested $200million and $500million respectively in snapdeal, an Indian e-commerce company. This time, the investors also included Softbank group of Japan

in October, 2015, Alibaba cloud and Foxconn jointly launched the Taofu come true project, opening up Foxconn's world-class design, R & D, patent, supply chain, smart manufacturing and other capabilities, Alibaba cloud's cloud computing platform and big data processing capabilities, Alibaba e-commerce tmall Taobao's platform capabilities, and introducing ginkgo Valley capital, Yunfeng fund, Zhu Bajie Rococo and other enterprises provide entrepreneurs with full link innovation and entrepreneurship services

in August 2016, Tencent holdings and Foxconn took the lead in participating in a new round of investment in Indian communication application provider hike

the key is that Foxconn dominates most of the cooperation. The mass of mass entrepreneurship and innovation enterprises waiting for Alibaba and Tencent to cooperate are worried

█ crazy layout

Foxconn has been crazy at first glance in the past two years. It is called throwing money at home and abroad


the group cloud was completed in 2012, followed by the patent cloud and then the industrial cloud

cooperate with Tsinghua University to lay out the next generation of network applications (2000 Engineers) and nanotechnology

in strategic cooperation with 21vianet, China's largest telecom data company, Gou said Foxconn would become a manufacturing company and big data company of machinetomachine (machine to machine)

cooperate with BAIC group to create a smart and environmentally friendly car rental brand, greengo

cooperate with Tencent to build an Internet + intelligent electric vehicle platform with Zhengzhou harmonious automobile company. Foxconn had previously taken a stake in harmony automobile

120million USD equity participation in didi travel

futuremobility, an electric vehicle company jointly invested by Tencent, has aggressively poached BMW's R & D team, including the chief engineer of BMW I series R & D

together with Alibaba cloud, we launched the "Tao Fu come true" initiative, opened the eight smart manufacturing platforms of Foxconn, and thousands of Foxconn engineers settled in yunqi town. Provide entrepreneurs with full link innovation and entrepreneurship services

launched Fulian, an e-commerce platform for Chinese Mainland, which specializes in selling its own electronic products and other consumer electronic products of different brands

six (half a dozen) financial service companies have been established to provide loans and other financial services for the global electronic industry supply chain, and it is planned to be listed within five years

jointly set up a semiconductor development and design center in Shenzhen with chip giant arm


spent US $3.8 billion to acquire sharp, a Japanese electronics giant, for capital injection, integration and restructuring

spent $350million to acquire Nokia function business from Microsoft

invest in fove, a Japanese start-up focusing on eye tracking technology, and will participate in the manufacturing of its VR equipment

invest US $170million in St, a leading IT software and hardware integration service provider in Europe, and then it may be wholly-owned

invest in PIQ, a French wearable device start-up, to lay out the IOT sensor field

and Tencent jointly invested in Indian communication application business hike

and Ali jointly invested in Softbank of Japan, its robot company sbrh, which has a strong petrochemical industry foundation

jointly invest in Indian e-commerce snapdeal with Alibaba and Softbank

cooperate with Softbank to investigate and invest in robot companies in the United States and lay out artificial intelligence technology

united with automation equipment manufacturers in Japan and Europe to establish an unmanned research group

█ what does Foxconn want to do

Foxconn's English name Foxconn is a combination of Fox and connector. These two words are Gou's favorite things

it is connecting, connecting madly. But this is based on the power accumulated in the past 30 years

Gou said: Foxconn has been innovating in manufacturing technology. We believe that in the future, the network and design, especially the e-commerce or B2B business model, we are building a platform that can help Futures: many small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs whose coke 1609 contract is fluctuating down, how to use the network and computer today, and can also give them a full set of software. They don't even need their own it department when selling their products. We can help him solve the whole problem. As long as he put his ideas on, he can sell them quickly. We are already doing this

what he wants to do can be simply described as a system developer, integrator and channel provider of the manufacturing supply chain

from the top minds such as son Zhengyi of Softbank, Ma Yun of Alibaba and Ma Huateng of Tencent, who are scrambling for cooperation and investment with Foxconn, we can see how powerful Foxconn has accumulated the right to speak

with regard to Internet, Gou believes that the real Internet economy has not yet started in China, because the current Internet economy is just young people killing time


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