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Do not forget to do these things after changing the tire. Otherwise, you will lose your change. The wheel of a car is a whole composed of tires and hubs. However, due to manufacturing reasons, the mass distribution of each part of the whole cannot be very uniform. When the automobile wheels rotate at high speed, a dynamic imbalance state will be formed, resulting in the phenomenon of wheel shaking and steering wheel vibration of the vehicle microcomputer stripping force tester during driving. In order to avoid this phenomenon or eliminate the phenomenon that graphene materials have been developed and industrialized in the field of cables, it is necessary to make the wheels correct the balance of each edge part by comprehensively considering the energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality under dynamic conditions. This correction process is often referred to as dynamic balance

when to do dynamic balancing

when to do dynamic balancing? Simply put, dynamic balance correction is required as long as the tire and rim are assembled together

whether it is replacing the rim or replacing the old tire with a new tire, even if nothing is changed, just remove the tire from the rim for inspection. As long as the rim and tire are assembled separately, dynamic balance is required


of course, even if we haven't replaced anything, we should always pay attention to the condition of our car. For example, when the steering wheel and body shake while driving, it is likely that the dynamic balance is abnormal. We should go to the repair shop for a dynamic balance in time. It is also best to do a dynamic balance for such situations as wheel rim deformation, tire repair and the installation of tire pressure monitoring system

as you spend a long time driving, you will start to have some problems. If you don't pay attention to these situations, the tire wear will increase in the long run, which will greatly reduce the tire life and seriously affect the driving safety. So for their own safety, sometimes these money can not be saved


the tire valve and its components are made of rubber, so they will age with the passage of time. During high-speed driving, the aged and cracked rubber air nozzle may be bent due to centrifugal force, resulting in air leakage. The air leakage at the air nozzle is very slow and difficult to detect, but it is very dangerous if the tire continues to drive under low pressure

the valve cap is equally important. Its main function is to isolate the air and help block dust and debris. We should regularly check whether the air nozzle and air nozzle cap are in good condition to ensure the air tightness and correct tire pressure of the tire, and also to prolong the service life of the tire

therefore, it is very important to completely clean the force measuring cylinder and piston or polish and replace the cylinder, piston door and valve cap of the experimental force sensor while changing the new tire. It is not expensive to change. For the sake of safety, this money can not be saved

suggest four-wheel alignment

many friends still confuse the concepts of dynamic balance and four-wheel alignment. Here we emphasize that dynamic balance is to adjust the balance of wheels, while four-wheel alignment is to adjust suspension parameters

although changing the wheel rim and tire will only affect the overall dynamic balance of the wheel. However, if the steering wheel is misaligned, the wheels deviate, and the wheels are worn during normal driving, it is also recommended to perform a four-wheel alignment when replacing a new tire

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