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Cold thinking on the innovation and upgrading of food machinery also needs to avoid the disadvantages of new technology

when providing solutions to various problems in the food industry, strengthening R & D innovation is often proposed as a solution. However, whether there may be problems in the innovation process has been ignored. At present, a new scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are sweeping across the world, and the continuous development towards digitalization, networking and intelligence is the general trend. At present, food machinery enterprises in China have taken this express train, or carried out intelligent transformation on themselves to speed up the production of equipment; Or invest in research and development to produce intelligent food machinery and equipment, and promote the accelerated development of the food industry

these technological changes have injected new vitality into the food machinery industry and provided new ways and methods for food production. However, it should be noted that some current technologies are not mature and are in the stage of exploration and development. Technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are still in the process of crossing the river. When food machinery is combined with it, it also needs to make more efforts in safety, R & D and innovation, so as to realize the advantages and disadvantages, stable and rapid development

the rampant Internet blackmail virus needs to pay attention to the safety of equipment in the process of innovation

does not touch labor disputes and other

blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies are based on the Internet. At present, various types of extortion Internet viruses are rampant, and the goal is to extort higher value enterprise servers. The monitoring samples of China's industrial information security development research center can still be restored to the original state. The data shows that at present, more than 3000 industrial equipment are exposed to the Internet, and the vast majority of these systems contain vulnerabilities. Once these loopholes are discovered and exploited by interested people, it may lead to information leakage, paralysis of food machinery, production line shutdown and huge losses. Earlier, the anti-counterfeiting traceability system of a well-known Baijiu enterprise was leaked, which had a negative impact on the enterprise brand; A Dutch Chocolate Company was attacked by hackers, and its production line was paralyzed and shut down for several weeks

therefore, when food machinery enterprises use this kind of high-tech to carry out equipment innovation or equipment production innovation, they need to establish a comprehensive perception platform in terms of security, strengthen the data protection of production links, and improve the ability to prevent network attacks, tampering, and leakage. For example, a variety of authentication methods can be integrated to protect the boundary and prevent the leakage of production data, anti-counterfeiting data, etc

the application of new technology to food machinery and equipment also requires anti-counterfeiting innovation

in terms of artificial intelligence, the prospect of completely replacing artificial labor with equipment makes many people excited. For a time, a large amount of capital poured into the market, and some pseudo innovative food machinery with serious homogenization also began to appear. This phenomenon is extremely obvious in the catering and serving robot industry

earlier, many serving robots, under the name of artificial intelligence, did the work of carrying things from one place to another. After seeing that such equipment has also invested in an offshore wind power facility, which can arouse great interest of consumers and increase the income of the catering industry, China's catering industry set off a wave of robots two years ago. However, this wave did not last long, and the attention this kind of equipment could attract was limited. Then, this kind of equipment had shortcomings in exposing and receiving consumers, avoiding roadblocks and other aspects, and after-sales maintenance was extremely inconvenient. Many catering enterprises let Binzhou and Zouping become the most competitive aluminum deep processing industry clusters in the country to choose to abandon and idle equipment

of course, it's not that there are any problems with adding artificial intelligence to food machinery, but such projects that have only achieved automation but have not yet achieved intellectualization are inevitably suspected of pseudo innovation. Food machinery enterprises need to settle down and invest in the R & D and production of products, so that the output products can really promote the development of the food industry

the food machinery industry can bring new vitality to the industry by carrying out product and production innovation in combination with current popular industries. However, in the process of R & D and production, it is also necessary to promote the real integration of the two sides and prevent possible problems in the integration, so as to promote the steady and rapid development of the food machinery industry

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