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Cold thoughts in the fog of the construction machinery parts Market Guide: as an important part of the large construction machinery market, the parts industry has also made great progress in recent years with the rapid development of construction machinery, forming a certain scale, but behind the prosperity and development, there are many hidden dangers. This paper will analyze the development status and

as an important part of the construction machinery market, the accessory industry has also made great progress with the rapid development of construction machinery in recent years, forming a certain scale, but there are many hidden dangers behind the prosperity and development. This paper will analyze the development status and existing problems of China's accessory industry from different angles, and try to give countermeasures in order to make it live up to its mission, Do a good job in the firm cornerstone of the whole construction machinery industry

in 2007, the total sales volume of China's construction machinery industry exceeded 210 billion yuan, with a growth rate of more than 29.6%, and maintained rapid development at a rate of more than 20% for five consecutive years. By the end of 2007, the number of major construction machinery in China has reached more than 2.1 million. With the rapid development of the construction machinery industry, the development of the closely related parts industry has also received great attention. At present, although the overall level of China's accessory industry has been significantly improved compared with that before, there is still a considerable gap compared with the same industry in the developed countries in the world, so it shoulders an important historical mission. The development of accessories directly affects the quantity and quality of domestic engineering machinery production, maintenance and export. We should calmly face and think about the current situation of China's accessory industry

first, the supporting parts can't be truly "matched"

from the continuous good situation of China's construction machinery industry in recent years, the closely related supporting parts industry should also be a good trend of vigorous development. According to the existing quantity of construction machinery in China, calculated by the annual replacement cost of 1200 yuan for each equipment at the minimum standard, there are hundreds of billions of supporting parts market every year, which does not include the maintenance cost of the original equipment. Such a huge market should have provided a good market prospect for supporting parts enterprises, so that all supporting enterprises of all sizes can increase their horsepower and seize the market production to obtain rich profits, but the chaotic living state of the industry makes us full of doubts about whether it can have a truly benign development

in fact, before 2000, many supporting parts enterprises in China were in a state of loss, and the industry market has been depressed with single-chip microcomputer control and electronic measurement. Only with the active fiscal and monetary policies under the national macro-control began to improve and gradually walked out of the trough. However, the real situation did not last long. Due to the continuous rise in raw materials of supporting parts in recent years, the development of the industry is facing a huge test. Some small supporting parts enterprises have suffered a huge blow in the cruel competition. Many of them have even been forced to leave the industry due to the "rising water and high ship" of costs, while large and medium-sized enterprises have also consumed energy in this round of price rises, and the production costs continue to increase, The profit level is constantly decreasing

the accessory industry not only has to bear the pressure of rising raw material prices, but also the impact of rising raw material prices can be avoided by the main engine plant of construction machinery, and the problems found during formwork hanging can also be transferred to the accessory enterprises to a large extent, because compared with the corresponding standardized market order of the main engine industry, the accessory market is relatively chaotic. On the one hand, raw materials and transportation costs have been increasing; On the other hand, the main engine enterprises also keep lowering the purchase price when purchasing the necessary accessories, and the disordered competition makes them have to bear more cost pressure

however, even in a harsh environment, the industry also needs to survive and develop, so it is really difficult to ensure survival space under such dual pressure. The only effective way to take is to reduce production costs and ensure necessary profits, but this is often at the expense of product quality. If you want to produce a good product, you must pay a considerable cost and exquisite production technology. Without profit, enterprises will no longer consider the so-called "product quality". China's manufacturing industry has always been known for its low cost, and its rich resources and low-cost labor force are well-known all over the world, but this "low cost" also has a bottom line. Beyond this bottom line, the survival of enterprises is impossible

in addition to the cooperation with host manufacturers, the greater development of accessory enterprises is actually in the export and construction machinery post market. Compared with supporting the host, accessory enterprises often pay less attention to the other two major markets, especially supporting the later maintenance of construction machinery. Export products have higher prices and guaranteed profits, so accessory enterprises attach great importance to export, and the products exported are of course the best quality; Supporting the main engine factory is the focus of the domestic market. Although its product quality cannot be compared with that of export products, it is also relatively good; The quality of products provided to the domestic aftermarket is the worst of the three categories. However, in recent years, accessory enterprises have gradually seen the unlimited potential of post market development, and have begun to shift the focus of the development of the insulation layer to this aspect. The quality of the post maintenance market of accessory parts will become an important constraint to the development of enterprises

from the perspective of the main engine factory, the "supporting" of the supporting parts enterprises is relatively in place. Many main engine factories in the domestic market use the products purchased from the supporting parts enterprises to assemble and complete the production, only marking their own trademarks when the main engine leaves the factory. However, from the perspective of the whole process of the production, use and maintenance of the host, supporting the host is only a part of this industrial chain, and the "supporting" of its use and maintenance is far from enough. Moreover, in such a huge market, if enterprises only rely on supporting the host can not make the whole industrial chain operate well, they need more effective marketing ideas to expand the market

although many OEMs promise after-sales service to varying degrees when selling products, because the service life of construction machinery host equipment is generally relatively long, host consumers hope that all supporting parts required for after-sales repair and maintenance will be provided by the OEMs, but in the actual use process, many supporting services of OEMs are not more affordable than consumers' direct purchase of supporting parts. After crossing the main engine factory and directly connecting with the post market, accessory enterprises will find that without the intermediate link of the main engine factory, its circulation cost will be reduced, and the sales market will be expanded accordingly, which provides a sufficient premise for accessory parts to bypass the main engine factory and enter the market directly. Moreover, the price of accessory parts entering the maintenance market is much higher than the price of products supporting the main engine factory, and the sales profit is also quite different, Of course, accessory enterprises are more willing to provide products to agents and sellers. For users, although products with enterprise trademarks are more trustworthy, many agents and sellers directly sell products with reasonable prices and similar quality. Users have a wider choice and are more convenient to purchase

but the result is that the source of accessories placed in front of host consumers is unknown, and it is difficult to distinguish the true and false. Many accessories cannot be truly "matched", and the products of formal enterprises are also affected, resulting in the chaos of the entire industry market

in the face of chaotic market and brutal survival competition, some powerful accessory enterprises are also constantly developing new marketing strategies. OEM production is one of the ways, but the premise is that the participating accessory enterprises must have certain economic strength and brand effect, so that their OEM products can be persuasive and there will be a buyer's market. And for those enterprises that do not have the strength to carry out OEM production, where is their future? Such accessory enterprises are generally small in scale, with poor anti risk ability, and do not have leading technology, talents, marketing and other resources. For their own survival and development, they can be said to be multi-faceted attacks. In particular, the supporting parts of general engineering machinery can be produced by enterprises with general processing capacity. Some products can be copied as long as they are simply surveyed and mapped, while some products with low technical content and low production and processing technology, such as bucket teeth, buckets and some weldments, are not difficult to process. In addition, the production costs of various regions are different, and the prices themselves are different, and regions with low production costs are often profitable. Enterprises producing in these areas also have many favorable factors, such as high equipment utilization rate, low labor price, low rent and water and electricity costs, which makes their qb/t 2028 ⑼ 4 soft PVC decorative film (sheet) - right angle tear performance product price much lower than the original factory price. Even if the service life of such a product is only one fifth or even one sixth of that of the original parts, it is very harmful to the later maintenance of the equipment after use, and its harmfulness is not obvious in the short term, so it is still favored by many users. Products with little difference in appearance and very cheap price are very attractive to users

second, the circulation link is full of fog

under the domination of the chaotic market order, the circulation link of accessory products also appears to be out of order, which is mainly caused by the dealers of various accessories. In fact, the accessory dealers in the market seem to be in chaos. In fact, if we analyze from the source, it is not difficult to see that from the perspective of accessory circulation channels, their dealers can be basically divided into four categories

one is the agent of the host enterprise, who generally operates the supporting parts products produced by domestic formal enterprises or imported from abroad. The price of this kind of products is generally relatively high, and the agent is greatly limited by the host enterprise, and the price can only fluctuate in a very small range. Their advantage is that the product quality can be well guaranteed, and the after-sales service is also in place. Users generally choose this kind of products for the key supporting parts of the equipment, but in terms of quantity, the demand for this kind of products is very limited, and the replacement cycle is also relatively long, which gives agents a small profit space, so it is generally difficult for this kind of products to be used as the main source of profit

the second category is foreign agents of high-end OEM parts. The price of OEM products is cheaper than that of genuine products imported from abroad, and the quality is also guaranteed. At the same time, its customers are mainly those who have long-term contacts, enjoy cooperation, and have established a certain trust with each other. These products come from all over the world, and their sales methods in China are also different. They can be flexibly controlled according to market changes. More OEM enterprises set up procurement offices in China, which are specially responsible for purchasing qualified accessory products in China, and then affix their own trademarks. Similarly, they can also be favored by users. If the price of OEM accessory parts imported from abroad is taken as the benchmark, the profits of these products will be higher

the third category is agents selling products of domestic accessory enterprises. The price of this kind of products is lower than that of the main engine factory

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