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Collection of common ink terms II (Chinese English comparison)

washable printing ink is used for fabric printing. It can resist washing and ironing, and the ink is impervious to color, discoloration and falling off.

washable printing ink is used for the printing of a certain mark of fabric, and the ink is easy to wash away

metallic printing ink refers to inks made of metallic pigments, such as gold ink and silver ink

gold ink (bronze ink) an ink with golden luster after printing, which is made of copper alloy powder as pigment

silver ink silver ink is an ink with silver luster after printing, which is made of aluminum powder as pigment.

pearl lusting printing ink is made of pearl pigment, and the imprint has beautiful pearl luster

fluorescent ink the ink made of fluorescent pigments has the property of converting ultraviolet short wave into longer visible light and reflecting more brilliant colors

flat ink (matte ink) mat ink (dull ink) ink with extremely low reflectivity or completely Matt, also known as matte ink

luminous ink the ink made of luminous pigments has the property of emitting light green phosphorescence within a considerable period of time after being excited by sunlight or other light sources, so as to become the world's leading supplier of functional materials and parts for single cells/battery packs, also known as phosphorescent ink or luminous ink

double tone ink for inks containing soluble dyes in the binder, the imprinted edge will show double tones due to the color halo exuded by soluble dyes

printing ink for two piece can is applicable to the printing ink of aluminum two piece can production line

three colors process ink three colors process ink suitable for three color printing yellow, magenta and cyan primary color ink

glass printing ink glass printing ink ink can be printed on glass and can be firmly attached

cellophane printing ink an ink that can be printed on cellophane and can be firmly attached

printing ink for metal foil ink that can be printed on metal foil and firmly attached

flexible tube printing ink is applicable to the ink of metal hose printing process

flexible tube roller coating ink is suitable for gold chip hose roller coating base color ink

tin plate roller coating ink tin plate roller coating is suitable for rolling inks with tin thin iron sheet

carbon paper ink is specially used for manufacturing carbon paper inks

ball pen ink ball pen ink is specially used for manufacturing ink for ball pen cores

ink for stamping is specially used for stamping cancellation inks such as stamps

ink for numbering machine is applicable to the ink for numbering machine cover numbers

ink for masking is the ink used to correct mistakes in typing or plate making. The former is white and the latter is black

waterless offset ink an offset ink that is printed without a wetting water system

letterset printing ink letterset printing ink ink that is transferred to the substrate after being inked on the blanket. Commonly known as dry offset printing ink

electrostatic printing ink an ink with special electrostatic properties suitable for electrostatic copying process. There are two categories of intelligent end state and suspension state for dry powder production

xerographic toner, a toner for xerographic xerography, is a colored powder suitable for xerographic xerographic copiers, which is prone to static electricity due to friction or induction. There are single component and two component

electrofax liquid toner is a liquid colloid system with electrostatic pigment particles suspended in a relatively insulating medium, which is suitable for wet electrostatic development

Jet printing ink is a kind of liquid ink that can be sprayed on the substrate as required to produce image text due to the action of the electric field between the ink-jet port of the ink-jet printer and the substrate

lithographic drawing ink, also known as lithographic ink, steam water ink and transfer ink, has special adhesion to artificial marble plates, and can be depicted as images on special soda paper, and words can be transferred to plates to make lithographic plates. It can also be directly used on lithographic plates to depict or revise plates

falling graphite copyable ink is also called plate printing developing ink. It is suitable for lithographic plates or offset plates with pictures and texts made to increase the firmness of the pictures and texts on the printing plates

(electronic component) marking inkelectronic component marking inkon various plastic encapsulated electronic components, the ink used to print marks

wire marking inkthe ink that can print marks on the insulation coating of the wire is durable and does not fall off

hole printing ink

hole printing ink screen printing ink is suitable for all kinds of substrate inks of various hole printing

transcribing ink stencil ink is suitable for inks using hand carved or typed wax paper as printing plates

water based Stencil Ink

screen printing ink for metal is suitable for printing ink on metal surface of hole plate

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