Cold thinking after the hottest Auto Parts Exhibit

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"Cold thinking" after the "hot" Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition

cold thinking after the "hot" Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition

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in the past few days, "Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition" has become a high-frequency word in the circle of friends. About 45% of lubricants rely on imports to solve the oil circle, either in "Fazhan" or on the way to "Fazhan", and "hot" has become the key word of "Fazhan". Automechanika Shanghai was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai from November 29 to December 2, 2017. Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts exhibition is the popular name of Shanghai International Auto Parts Exhibition maintenance testing and diagnosis equipment service supplies exhibition. It is the world's second largest auto parts brand exhibition, which is second only to the Frankfurt parent exhibition in Germany. This year, the exhibition area will be further expanded to 30000 square meters, and the scale of exhibitors will break the previous record, attracting more than 6000 enterprises from 40 countries and regions to participate. In response to the expansion of the exhibition area and the increase in the number of exhibitors, the number of professional visitors has increased. More than 130000 professional visitors from about 140 countries and regions will come to the scene

a large number of lubricant brands and high specifications have become a highlight of this exhibition. Including shengpai, yinnenshi, LiMao, Compton, Longpan, Demao, OTL, BASF, Lupai, waterga, baidar, Jiayou oil, redline, such 3D printed conduits lubex, lokn oil, champion, zero kilometer, FOSS 20, zero clearing: it can manually or automatically clear the load, deformation, displacement measurement at any time, Delin, MOTUL Dozens of well-known lubricant brands such as SPC and China Lubricant information, the first portal of lubricants, attended the event. It can be said that Frankfurt auto parts exhibition has a strong influence in the automotive aftermarket. The lubricant brands and visitors participating in this exhibition are far superior to other similar exhibitions in terms of quantity and quality

what enlightenment does the "popularity" of "Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition" bring us? After the "law Exhibition", 2018 is coming. In the face of the pressure of environmental protection and safety supervision, the structural contraction of market consumption, the reform of marketing mode, the new deal for new energy vehicles, the implementation of the national strategy of "the Belt and Road" and "made in China 2025", the lubricant market is bound to undergo major changes. Where will the future lubricant industry go? What new business opportunities will the change bring? This is an issue that needs urgent attention and consideration in the lubricant industry chain


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December 28, Shanghai

celebrities, we! About

ps: spoiler --- the first heavyweight mysterious guest will be announced soon. The president of China, a well-known multinational company, will share with you the Chinese market strategy of the international lubricant giant from a global perspective, and decode the secrets of the giant's excellent market performance and lasting foundation. Please pay attention

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