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Tips for emergency maintenance of construction machinery on site

1. Skillfully use a wrench to tighten bolts

sometimes there will be problems in disassembly and assembly due to incomplete wrenches carried with you. At this time, the following methods can solve the urgent problem (mainly for box wrenches, open-end wrenches and Allen wrenches). If the box spanner or open-ended wrench used is larger than the bolt head (or nut) to be screwed, and the Allen wrench is smaller than the bolt head to be screwed, place some copper sheet, iron wire or screwdriver in the wrench (box spanner or open-ended wrench) or outside the wrench (Allen wrench), and then slowly apply force to disassemble and install; When the open-end wrench is smaller than the bolt head (or nut) and the hexagonal wrench is larger than the bolt head, the open-end wrench can be filed larger with a file, and the hexagonal size of the hexagonal wrench can be filed smaller. Through the above treatment, the emergency disassembly and assembly work can be solved in most cases, and the modified wrench can be kept for future use

2. Dismantle the bearing race skillfully

the connecting rod bearing of the air pump (ski-82 type) of W-type excavator is often easy to be damaged. After damage, the outer ring of the bearing is still embedded in the connecting rod hole, which is difficult to remove. When sawing with a hacksaw, it is easy to slip because the outer ring is hard, and hard hitting is easy to damage the connecting rod. At this time, there are mainly seven kinds of waste plastics, mixed waste metals, metal and alloy wastes, waste paper, waste textile raw materials, smelting slag and waste ships. The connecting rod can be clamped on the bench clamp. Select the socket head in the heavy socket wrench, use a socket head slightly smaller than the outer ring of the bearing on one side to hold the outer ring of the bearing, and use a socket head slightly larger than the size of the bearing hole of the connecting rod on the other side to hold the side of the connecting rod hole, and then gradually apply force to clamp the bench clamp, In this way, the outer ring of the bearing will be pressed out slowly. If there is a gas cutting tool, the outer ring of the bearing can be cut directly by gas cutting

3. Dismantle tires skillfully

when disassembling the tires of large wheel loaders and bulldozers, it is difficult to separate the tires and rims. Because they have been used for a long time and have not been disassembled, the rims may rust, making the tires and rims stick tightly. Using the method of deflating, walking back and forth and rolling to disassemble, the effect is not very ideal, but the following method can achieve better results: after removing the lock ring (some imported engineering machinery such as wd140 bulldozer has an outer ring in its tire if it is tested with 3-point twists), add water between the tire and the rim for lubrication, press both sides of the tire with two bulldozer blades respectively, and use an iron bar with appropriate length in the middle to cross the rim, Then put on a steel wire rope and lift it with a crane or loader, so that the tire and rim can be easily separated

4. Skillfully replace the pin sleeve

the pin sleeve at each pin shaft of WC excavator is damaged due to long-term use and lack of lubrication. If you do not pay attention to the method during replacement, the pin sleeve is often not installed in place, resulting in end damage. For this purpose, the pin sleeve can be sleeved on the corresponding pin shaft, and then the pin shaft can be inserted into the pin sleeve seat hole for centering and positioning, and then the end of the pin shaft can be hammered with a hand hammer to make the head of the pin shaft press the pin sleeve into the pin sleeve seat hole. This method does not damage the pin sleeve, does not produce skew, and is simple and reliable

5 compared with Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 of the same level, the use of bicycle parts for emergency response

if the small steel ball in the hole of the ejector rod of the diesel engine is lost, it can be replaced by the ball of the bicycle flywheel or the small steel ball in the scrapped grease nozzle; Coordinate the performance, safety, aesthetics and value of the vehicle. If the return spring of the clutch release bearing is broken, it can be replaced by the tension spring under the bicycle seat; If the pin of steering fork and steering arm is worn, it can be replaced by bicycle crank pin; When inflating and deflating the tire, if the force is improper, or the lower part of the thread of the valve core is broken in the valve after long-term use, and the broken part is difficult to take out, take a bicycle spoke, screw its threaded end forcibly into the valve of the broken core, make the spoke thread tap into the broken core, and then pull out the spoke forcibly, then the broken core remaining in the valve can be taken out

6. When cleaning the engine oil pan or the internal surface of the engine with daily necessities, if there are too many impurities such as iron filings that are difficult to clean, you can stick it with an appropriate amount of dough; When the float of the carburetor of the gasoline engine is damaged, the cork of the hot water bottle can be reformed and replaced; If the brake fluid leaks, it can be replaced by Baijiu or soapy water of a certain concentration; The slight scratches on the three pairs of precision coupling parts of the diesel engine and the lamp glass can be ground with toothpaste; Household detergent can be used to clean machine parts, especially rubber parts, which will not swell and deform after washing; Clean the parts with lubricating oil with washing powder and sawdust; If the electrolyte level of the battery is found to be too low, in order to prevent the plate from vulcanization, you can buy purified water from the market and pour it into the battery; Cutting open the shell of the can can can easily make aluminum gaskets or funnels for refueling and adding water; When the water radiator, oil cooler, hydraulic oil radiator and other multi tube (core) components are found to be damaged, resulting in oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage, in order to quickly judge the damaged part, the cigarette blowing method can be used to find the leakage

7. Use electrical appliances for emergency

there is oil leakage at the shoulder of the high-pressure oil pipe joint of the diesel engine. You can cut a section of No. 16 electrician fuse and wrap it under the fastening nut; If the carbon rod of the high-voltage contact is accidentally lost when disassembling the magneto, resulting in the magneto unable to generate high-voltage electricity, the carbon core of the dry battery can be shortened for a period of substitution

8. Other emergency methods

if there is oil leakage at the nipple of the high-pressure oil pipe, the plastic sheet or soft metal sheet can be cut into a small ring and padded in the joint recess; When the generator carbon brush is excessively worn or the spring force is insufficient to affect power generation, wood blocks or bark can be cut into small pieces with the same length and width of the carbon brush, which can be padded between the spring and the carbon brush to increase the contact pressure between the carbon brush and the commutator; The cleaned towel gourd can replace the iron wire filter element of the air filter; The self tightening spring of the rubber oil seal is too loose, which can be compensated by adding a rubber band. The joint surface of parts is usually sealed with sealing gasket, and a layer of oil-resistant sealant is applied on the gasket to increase the sealing effect. If there is no sealant at the moment, paint can also be used instead; The paint has high viscosity and hardens after drying, which makes the seal reliable and has a good effect. If a Nissan WD bulldozer air pump fails, a layer of paint is applied on the sealing gasket of the pump cover due to the lack of sealant during installation after repair, which has proved to be effective after use

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