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Cold thinking under the boom of industrial interconnection

recently, the boom of industrial interconnection in China has surged, and various industrial interconnection platforms and industrial apps have sprung up. In recent years, the manufacturing boom has occurred repeatedly, from 3D printing to robots, from industry 4.0 to intelligent manufacturing, from machine replacement to industrial cloud, which makes people dizzying and incomprehensible. This article will interpret the concept of industrial interconnection and the relationship between it and related terms, hoping to help readers objectively and rationally view the current upsurge of industrial interconnection and find a breakthrough in application

first, how to understand industrial interconnection? Industrial interconnection refers to industrial interconnection, not industrial interconnection. Within the enterprise, it is necessary to realize the interconnection between industrial equipment (production equipment, logistics equipment, energy measurement, quality inspection, vehicles, etc.), information systems, business processes, enterprise products and services, and personnel, realize the interconnection between enterprise IT network and industrial control network, and realize the vertical interconnection from workshop to decision-making level; Among enterprises, we should realize the horizontal interconnection between upstream and downstream enterprises (suppliers, dealers, customers, partners); From the dimension of product life cycle, we should realize the interconnection of the whole life cycle of products from design, manufacturing to service, and then to scrap recycling and reuse. This is actually the same as the connotation of the Three Integrations proposed by industry 4.0. Techopedia, a dictionary in the field of it, explains industrial interconnection: Industrial interconnection combines intelligent machines or specific types of devices with embedded technology and IOT. An example is to equip machines and vehicles with intelligent technology, including M2M (machine to machine interconnection) technology, so that manufacturing equipment and other equipment can transmit data to each other. Industrial interconnection is also applied to transportation projects, such as driverless (or autonomous) cars and intelligent rail transit systems

it Field Dictionary techopedia gives the explanation that industry can understand 12 interconnection through the workmanship of equipment appearance

secondly, what is the relationship between industrial interconnection and industrial IOT? Industrial IOT refers to the application of IOT in industry. Industrial interconnection covers industrial IOT, but it further extends to enterprise information systems, business processes and personnel. In fact, the concept of industrial interconnection is similar to the concept of Internet of everything (Internet of everything, which combines people, processes, data and things, making the network connection more relevant and valuable) proposed abroad, which is equivalent to the interconnection of everything in industrial enterprises

third, what is an industrial interconnection platform? What is the relationship between industrial Internet platform and industrial cloud platform? Industrial interconnection platform is a platform for developing and running various industrial interconnection application functions. Industrial cloud platform refers to the cloud platform in the industrial field, including IAAs (Infrastructure Service), PAAS (platform service) and SaaS (software service). The purpose of industrial cloud platform is to evolve industrial software into a cloud service (SaaS), provide customers with a platform (PAAS) that can configure or redevelop software functions, and store data and information systems in the cloud, Thus, the industrial enterprise application information system is more convenient and more conducive to management (for example, to realize server and desktop virtualization). Therefore, the industrial cloud platform is essentially an IT platform. The industrial Internet platform is an extension of the industrial cloud platform. It can not only support all functions of the industrial cloud platform, but also support the application of industrial IOT to realize the integration of it and ot. In the IAAs and edge (device end) layer, the industrial interconnection platform needs to realize data acquisition, transmission and storage from the device's control system, sensors, wearable devices, cameras and instruments; At the PAAS level, the industrial interconnection platform needs to be able to support more complex algorithms, such as using deep learning technology for image analysis, using SPC method to analyze quality data, using simulation technology to simulate the performance of digital twin of equipment, using GIS data to locate vehicles, so as to trace the logistics and transportation process; In the SaaS layer, rich apps should be provided to split the functions of the original industrial software into many plug-ins with relatively independent functions, which can be plug and play on the PAAS platform. Therefore, the industrial interconnection platform is much more complex than the industrial cloud platform

fourth, what is the relationship between industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing? The core of industrial interconnection is interconnection, which is one of the key enabling technologies for manufacturing enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing. According to the pyramid model of intelligent manufacturing proposed by e-works, enterprises' promotion of intelligent manufacturing includes four levels and ten scenarios. The first layer is to promote the intellectualization of products and intelligent services, so as to realize the innovation of business model. In this layer, industrial interconnection can support enterprises to develop intelligent interconnected products and provide intelligent services based on IOT; The second layer is how to apply intelligent equipment, deploy intelligent production lines, build intelligent workshops and build intelligent factories, so as to realize the innovation of production mode. In this layer, industrial interconnection technology can help enterprises realize M2M, data collection from equipment connection to production lines, intelligent monitoring of workshops to paperless production, etc; The third layer is intelligent R & D, intelligent management and intelligent logistics supply chain, which realizes the innovation of enterprise operation mode. In this layer, the main role of industrial interconnection is to realize the information integration within enterprises and the supply chain integration between enterprises; The fourth level is intelligent decision-making. At this level, the role of industrial interconnection is to realize the integration and real-time analysis of heterogeneous data

fifth, what is the relationship between industrial interconnection and industrial big data? The industrial Internet platform needs to manage massive and heterogeneous, structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, including data from various devices, products in service, information systems and social media. For industrial enterprises, these data are industrial big data, which need to be stored, analyzed and displayed on a professional platform, and through data-driven, products, manufacturing processes and equipment can be monitored Such a platform is the industrial big data platform. It should be said that the industrial big data platform is a subset of the industrial interconnection platform

sixth, what are the practical application fields of industrial interconnection to promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials, intelligent manufacturing and other industries in Nangang? At present, the most realistic application scenario is that equipment manufacturing enterprises use the industrial Internet platform to remotely monitor the status of products in service, and even predictive maintenance. For example, FANUC cooperates with Cisco to provide ZDT (zero downtime) services for FANUC robot customers; The root cloud platform of tree root interconnection can realize the positioning and remote monitoring services of mobile devices (such as construction machinery), provide services such as working time statistics, fault warning, finding and correcting customers' dangerous operation habits, and help customers realize service e-commerce; The industrial interconnection platform of Dongfang Guoxin has realized the application of equipment monitoring and energy consumption analysis in the steel industry, wind power industry and boiler industry; Jiyun technology cooperates with Shanghai tunnel engineering company to realize the fault early warning in the tunneling process by using the shield machine with data cloud digitalization. Another typical application scenario of industrial interconnection is to realize the monitoring of workshop production equipment based on the internal equipment connection of enterprises. Midea has established a digital twin in the air conditioning production workshop, which can monitor the equipment status in real time. A scientific research team of Huazhong University of science and technology collected the real-time current consumed by the machine tool of a manufacturing enterprise in Jiangsu Province, captured subtle waves, and judged whether it was the precursor of tool breakage if oil leakage was found, so that the enterprise did not need to replace the tool on time and prolong the service life of the tool. At present, the application of industrial interconnection is mainly in the field of industrial IOT

seventh, what is the current maturity of industrial interconnection? Industrial interconnection covers a wide range of fields. It is actually very difficult to realize the interconnection of various software, hardware, machinery and equipment, products and business processes and personnel. Industrial interconnection is a beautiful vision, but it still needs a long process to realize this vision and build a healthy ecosystem. The concept of industrial interconnection is very big. Many cloud platforms with different functions are promoting themselves as industrial interconnection platforms, which makes it difficult for enterprises to distinguish

generally speaking, although the current industrial interconnection boom is surging, the application of industrial interconnection in China is still in the primary stage, and the understanding and understanding of industrial interconnection are not unified. In fact, the existing industrial interconnection platforms on the market can only support some single point applications or specific functions, and there is a lack of real industrial interconnection platforms based on multi tenancy. The integration between various platforms involves many standards and security issues. According to the current development trend of letting a hundred flowers bloom, it is bound to form many cloud islands. In this upsurge of industrial interconnection, some manufacturers hyped excessively, and even boasted that they could produce 180000 Jin of wheat per mu. For manufacturing enterprises and industrial software enterprises, it is neither realistic nor necessary to turn all industrial software into apps. Manufacturing enterprises have applied many IT systems, and it is impossible to transfer all applications to industrial interconnection platforms. In addition, there are still many difficulties to realize the interoperability between apps on different industrial interconnection platforms. In order to promote the application of industrial interconnection, manufacturing enterprises also need to carefully sort out their own needs, analyze the investment income, and never rush forward blindly. There is still a long way to go for user enterprises, industrial interconnection platform developers, operators, app developers, and the entire industrial chain to realize industrial interconnection applications

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