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Metallurgical Equipment Industry: collaborative cooperation and technological innovation are the key

metallurgical industry is an important raw material industry sector, providing metal materials for all sectors of the national economy, and is also the material basis for economic development. At present, China's metallurgical industry has developed into a comprehensive industry with complete industries, strong production capacity and strong technical strength, which plays an important role in national production and national defense construction. The rapid development of metallurgical industry, especially the continuous improvement of metallurgical equipment, has greatly improved production efficiency and product quality

from the automation of unit control devices and single equipment to the automation system of the whole line and the production management and control system of the whole plant, it is spread all over the process flow of the metallurgical industry. With the development and application of metallurgical automation equipment technology, the quality of metallurgical products, the material has more performance advantages, the operation rate of metallurgical production line has been greatly improved, the development cycle of new products and new processes has been greatly shortened, and extremely significant economic benefits have been obtained. In China, metallurgical workers will also bring a certain degree of damage to machines; The industrial output has basically met the needs. At this stage, the main task is to increase varieties and improve quality. Therefore, metallurgical automation is more important. China's metallurgical automation industry has also entered the stage of improvement from the stage of popularization and development. We should strengthen the development of software and hardware products that meet the needs of metallurgical automation, focus on the development of products with independent property rights and high-tech industries based on complete sets of engineering application technology, and reduce our dependence on foreign technology

the comparative advantage of the metal equipment manufacturing industry before the startup of CMCC 3 and bellows ring stiffness testing machine is obvious. This comparative advantage has been reflected not only in the huge number and continuous supply of low-cost labor, but also in the huge domestic market scale and potential. Metallurgical equipment manufacturing enterprises should make full use of their own advantages, grasp the opportunity of industrial transformation, strive to become bigger and stronger, and strive to achieve a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change in shipping activities in Southeast Asia

at present, there are three prominent problems that mainly restrict the scientific development of metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry: first, the industry has weak independent innovation ability, high external dependence, and lack of core technology and key technology; Second, the extensive development mode has not been fundamentally changed, the structural contradictions are relatively prominent, there is a lack of large enterprise groups with international competitiveness, the industrial concentration is low, the industrial chain is imperfect, and the scale and agglomeration efficiency are poor; Third, the industrial foundation is weak, the development of basic manufacturing technology, basic components, key parts and raw materials lags behind, the combination of high-tech and traditional equipment industrial transformation is not enough, and the degree of informatization is not high, which is far from meeting the needs of China's industrialization process

therefore, the key to the market competition in the future metallurgical equipment industry is the market positioning, product quality and service support of enterprises. Compared with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap in the design, manufacturing and functional research settings of metallurgical equipment in China, and foreign core technologies have not been mastered by domestic manufacturers. Therefore, while strengthening their independent R & D capabilities, China's metallurgical equipment manufacturing enterprises should cooperate closely and sincerely to make a full contribution to the equipment industry chain

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