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Further acceleration of industrial interconnection application

from the concept first put forward in 2012 to being written into the government work report of the national two sessions for four consecutive years, China's industrial interconnection construction has achieved remarkable results in recent years. In the 14th five year plan and the long-term goal outline of 2035, industrial interconnection is listed as a key industry of digital economy, and its development trend and prospect are promising

with the national policies and the joint efforts of all parties, China's industrial interconnection is accelerating from concept advocacy to deep cultivation. It has become one of the fields in which the extruder in the most developed countries with the most active growth in the national economy has generally adopted modern electronic and computer control technology, and its driving role in economic and social development is increasingly evident

the enabling effect appears

as the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, industrial interconnection is the key support of the new industrial revolution and an important cornerstone of deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing

according to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, by the end of March this year, the total number of industrial equipment connected to China's industrial interconnection platforms had reached 73 million, and the number of industrial apps exceeded 590000

how to evaluate the construction achievements of industrial interconnection? Zhang Li, President of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, said that China's industrial interconnection platform has a high resource convergence capacity, a data-driven production mode has initially taken shape, and the overall level of enterprise digital transformation is good, especially in the cloud of equipment, the supply and use of R & D tools, and the precipitation of industrial models

while the infrastructure is accelerating, the integrated application of industrial interconnection is also moving towards practice, and the industrial economy is growing rapidly. According to the data of China Academy of information and communications, it is estimated that the added value of China's industrial interconnection industry will reach 3.78 trillion yuan in 2020

the enabling effect of China's industrial interconnection platform is emerging, driving the transformation from digital economy and economies of scale to economies of scope. Xieshaofeng, director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the design of industrial interconnection platform has greatly reduced the threshold and cost of development and design. Personalized customization has helped the clothing, furniture, household appliances and other industries to achieve counter trend growth. Networking collaboration has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of automotive, aviation, electronics and other industries, and service-oriented extension has helped the engineering machinery, shipbuilding and other industries to achieve a value leap

perfect policy system

the data shows that at present, there are hundreds of industrial interconnection platforms of various types in China, and the number of platforms with certain regional and industrial influence has also exceeded 50. Among them, there are the underlying technology platforms created by Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet enterprises; There are also platforms built by traditional industrial technology solution enterprises such as aerospace cloud and Haier to meet the needs of transformation and development; There are platforms for XCMG, TCL and other large manufacturing enterprises whose minimum size should not be greater than mm, which are incubated and operated by independent operating companies; There are also platforms built by various innovative enterprises relying on their own characteristics

experts said that with the implementation of more targeted policies and measures, industrial interconnection will accelerate its penetration into traditional industries and continue to deepen its integration with the real economy

now, the blueprint for the construction of industrial interconnection in the 14th five year plan is slowly unfolding. The Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued the 14th five year plan for intelligent manufacturing development (Draft for comments), which proposed that by 2025, more than 120 industrial interconnection platforms with industrial and regional influence should be built. The national development and Reform Commission said that this year, it will issue the new infrastructure construction plan for the 14th five year plan, expand 5g applications, and speed up the construction of industrial interconnection and data centers

Xie Shaofeng said that China will improve the development policy of industrial interconnection platforms, formulate and issue the 14th five year plan for the integrated development of industrialization and informatization (informatization and industrialization), and continue to improve the standard system of industrial interconnection platforms; Cultivate comprehensive platforms across industries and fields, develop characteristic platforms for key industries and regions, support the construction of professional platforms, and create a systematic and multi-level platform system

let enterprises make good use of it

with the growth of the number of industrial interconnection platforms and the intensification of competition, it poses a higher challenge to the operation ability of the platform. Industry insiders pointed out that at present, the integrated application of industrial Internet platforms needs to be expanded, and the problems of enterprises' inability to use and poor use still exist

Wang Jianwei, deputy director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that since China's industrial interconnection is still in the early stage of development, a feasible market-oriented business model has not been explored, a benign growth model with economic benefits has not been formed, a systematic and scenario based scale application has not been formed, and many enterprises still have concerns about the cloud

making industrial interconnection benefit more enterprises and help the development of digital economy is inseparable from the policy supply of integrated and innovative development of industrial interconnection and the investment, construction and promotion of relevant enterprises

3. Fasteners bear the constant increasing axial tension

in this regard, Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the industrial interconnection industry chain should rely on the deep integration of it (Information Technology) and ot (operation technology), in planning regulations, standards, identification analysis systems, safety monitoring platforms, technical support services for small and medium-sized enterprises, core technology development, production and entry management of key equipment Talent training and other aspects play a positive role in promoting industrial interconnection

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