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The journey of industrial interconnection begins with asset and equipment management.

at the forefront of the development of industrial interconnection technology, Ge is investing heavily in the transformation of technology, personnel and processes in various industries, analyzing the current situation and a large amount of R & D resources. Next, I will introduce the current development process of industrial interconnection

the names of industrial interconnection are different, whether you call it IOT, industry 4.0 or industrial interconnection. In short, it is all about the interconnection between machines, processes and people. As one of the leaders of industrial interconnection, Ge always believes that industrial interconnection will have a far-reaching impact and change on traditional industries

rich carpenter, GE's chief strategic technologist, said: Industrial interconnection is no longer an illusion. In fact, we entered the era of industrial interconnection five years ago, although at present, we need automobile manufacturers to change their ideas, which is still in the initial stage

at present, Ge mainly focuses on asset management in industrial interconnection. It is very important to understand the functions of the equipment, and users can take measures to prevent failures. This is why Ge, like China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., Baosteel Group Co., Ltd., China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation, China Unicom, China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd., China Shipping (Group 5, electronic tensile testing machine travel protection: mechanical and computer dual protection) Corporation and the State General Administration of sports have been named by the inspection team due to golf corruption from the beginning. Improving operational efficiency through analysis can not only help customers improve their normal working hours and production efficiency, but also bring us new profit opportunities through cloud computing. For OEM manufacturers, this will bring changes to their business models. Rich carpenter said

about GE's strategy in improving the efficiency of assets and equipment, carpenter also mentioned that we are not only concerned about the value of assets and equipment, but also about whether it can have an economic impact on the upstream and downstream of equipment. It is based on this concept that we help customers optimize their assets and equipment. You can monitor and analyze the data of assets and equipment to make corresponding decisions. Later, you can also analyze the operation data to know whether the actions taken are effective

predix is a key product launched by GE for asset and equipment management. Predix is a groundbreaking software platform in the industrial field. It provides a standard and safe platform for the interconnection between machines, big data and people. Predix can run locally or in the cloud. It combines distributed computing and analysis, asset and equipment management, machine communication and mobile functions

predix can process thousands of megabytes of data within the enterprise. It is based on the interconnection between equipment and data, and stores this information in historical databases and business intelligence software, such as GE profitability knowledge center software for asset equipment management or Ge industrial performance and reliability Center (IPRC) for remote equipment monitoring.

ge is developing some key technologies, Committed to acquiring new leadership competitiveness. These technologies include: cloud computing, big data, mobile access, security, user experience, extensible architecture, data science, engineering, machine learning, predictive analysis, modeling based on Optimization and control, modeling based on physics and professional knowledge, sensing and image analysis

ge's latest technology on asset equipment management is its release of IPRC field agent, an industrial computer equipped with wireless or wired connections. With this, data engineers can monitor their global assets and equipment, so as to optimize their operational efficiency, reduce or even eliminate unexpected downtime, and avoid catastrophic failures

you can preset parameters such as temperature, speed, pressure and flow readings. Once the preset value is exceeded, IPRC can provide you with relevant alarms. So far, GE's IPRC has helped customers deal with more than 10000 incidents in oil and gas, coal mining, transportation and other industries

for many companies, what they need to do now is to eliminate the problem of who was responsible for data in the past. Because engineers used to pay attention to data because they were afraid that something would be found. At the same time, they felt that the management always thought that as engineers, they knew why the data would change. So engineers need to make changes. They need to know that finding problems is not a bad thing for them, but beneficial to the company

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