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Industrial interconnection, "competition and cooperation" or "zero sum"

after human society has experienced three industrial revolutions in the steam age, the electrical age and the information age, digital technology represented by Internet and artificial intelligence is forming huge industrial capacity and market at a very fast speed, raising the entire industrial production system to a new level and promoting human society into the fourth industrial revolution

the fourth industrial revolution is the deep integration of information physics systems. Under this background, the industrial interconnection that can directly connect consumers and manufacturers has become the most important product of the fourth industrialization wave

at present, with the gradual decline of consumption Internet dividends and the deepening development of Internet + trend, Internet enterprises are gradually penetrating into traditional industries represented by industry. At the same time, traditional industries have begun to actively embrace interconnection, and industrial interconnection is becoming a red track for domestic innovation and entrepreneurship

the battle of industrial interconnection is going on. Is it competition or zero sum

the future of industrial interconnection

industrial interconnection covers a large number of subdivisions, and from different perspectives, different understandings of industrial interconnection will be formed

from the technical level, industrial interconnection is a new industrial digital system that integrates the new generation of information and communication technology and manufacturing technology, such as new networks, advanced computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. It can be said that industrial interconnection has taken shape in the long evolution and is the systematic integration of multiple information technologies

from the macro level, industrial interconnection supports the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry through the comprehensive connection of all elements of the industrial economy, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain, constantly promotes new models, new formats and new industries, reshapes the industrial production and service system, and realizes the high-quality development of the industrial economy

in the era of industrial interconnection, the means of production and production relations will undergo revolutionary changes. Under the industrial interconnection, the data from the process link will be collected, processed and precipitated in the network space, and finally reflect the value in the process link. Similar to the technological revolution in the steam era and the electric power era, data will become an important means of production for industrial enterprises, while communication technology will become an important production tool

of course, understanding and developing industrial interconnection is a gradual evolutionary process. Enterprise informatization is not only the premise of industrial interconnection development, but also the inherent demand of enterprises. The first financial system in the world was developed by General Electric Company of the United States. In the process of enterprise informatization, different systems are widely used in various departments of enterprises. However, there will also be a large number of information islands during this period

the process of expanding the value chain to the user end is inevitable for the development of industrial interconnection, which can also be seen as a kind of service-oriented manufacturing industry. This process needs strong control over the software development ability of enterprises and the operation mechanism of downstream users. For example, Baoxin from Baosteel's information department and Qixing from FAW Group not only serve their own enterprises, but also generate income from various projects. Easy wear and tear

and industrial interconnection to the end, is bound to be universal empowerment of the digital process of the entire industry. From the perspective of cost demand, low cost is always an important pursuit for industrial enterprises to increase profits, but the efficiency improvement of traditional physical equipment has reached the limit. Using cloud computing and big data technology to transform existing machines and physical equipment in industrial interconnection will bring significant marginal improvement in cost

for example, uptake helped Palo Verde, the largest nuclear power plant in the United States, achieve a cost savings of 10million yuan per year and a monthly cost reduction of 20%. For another example, Qingdao textile machinery factory relies on Haier cosmoplat platform to realize remote operation and maintenance of equipment through data acquisition and analysis, saving 960000 yuan per year, shortening the downtime from three days to one day each time, and reducing the direct loss of 640000 yuan/time

1. Check whether the power supply of the tensile testing machine is powered on before online. From the perspective of supply chain, industrial interconnection puts forward a new mode of production and manufacturing to realize flexible manufacturing and personalized customization, which plays a vital role in intelligent production. From the perspective of space chain, it is difficult for traditional enterprises to realize the coordination of multiple links due to the limitations of space and resources

with the support of industrial interconnection, industrial enterprises will be able to realize business information sharing, help enterprises realize real-time production monitoring, remote data acquisition and control, respond in time, break the space barrier and realize interconnection

industrial interconnection began to enter the deep water area

as early as 2018, China's industrial interconnection has entered the initial stage, but previously, industrial interconnection has not received high attention

on the one hand, compared with the easy to understand consumption field, industry itself has a certain threshold. On the other hand, industrial interconnection without 5g network support is somewhat like a castle in the air. However, 2020, as a year of 5g commercial popularization, will also promote the development of China's industrial interconnection to a key node

at the same time, with the support of IOT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data technology, etc., the industrial interconnection window is approaching. The development of IOT technology enables a large amount of industrial data including the status, identification and location of intelligent objects to be collected by two backup rollers. Interconnection technology provides the possibility of data transmission. Cloud computing provides platform based industrial data calculation and analysis capabilities. The penetration and integration of Internet, cloud computing, IOT, big data and other information technologies into the industrial field has contributed to the breakthrough and formation of industrial interconnection

at present, industrial interconnection has basically completed the development process from concept popularization to practice rooting

among them, network is the foundation of industrial interconnection. Industrial interconnection requires the integration of human, financial, material and other information flows in the supply, marketing, storage, production, middle and back office management and other links within enterprises, breaking the current chimney (independent) industrial information system. At the same time, the information flow between upstream and downstream enterprises in the external industrial chain is interconnected and coordinated as a whole

therefore, the most basic requirement of industrial interconnection is to provide bottom-level support through the communication network, and finally realize the real-time perception and collaborative interaction of different units, different devices and different systems in the information system network and production system network

platform is the core of industrial interconnection. Massive data generated by different units, devices and systems in the ecosystem are collected on the platform through the network foundation. Its essence is to meet the needs of digitalization, networking and intelligence of large industry. Through emerging technologies such as IOT, artificial intelligence and big data, it builds an efficient, real-time and accurate platform system to realize functions such as data collection, modeling and analysis, application development, resource scheduling and monitoring management. It is the core of industrial interconnection

security is the guarantee of network and platform. In the era of industrial interconnection, data is one of the core assets of enterprises, and more emphasis is placed on the information security of the system. The safety in the enterprise can be divided into three aspects: application safety, control safety and equipment safety. The whole is reflected in the safety protection ability of equipment, networks and data

in this context, the battle of industrial interconnection has attracted more and more attention. In addition to Ge, Siemens, PTC, sap and other international giants, there are also local troops such as Zhejiang lanzhuo, Tencent cloud, CAOS, XCMG information, etc. who are moved by the wind. More and more main forces continue to drive technological innovation in more sub sectors

rhino, launched by Alibaba in 2020, is a smart factory with industrial interconnection characteristics. Rhinoceros Zhizao can use Alibaba's huge consumer data to help small garment enterprises predict which items will sell well, thereby simplifying production plans

inside the factory, rhinoceros intelligent machines are equipped with intelligent cameras, and there are conveyor belts between workstations. Each piece of fabric is marked to trace the source. The whole workflow is digitally recorded on Alibaba cloud, so that merchants can track the progress remotely. By digitizing each process of the production line, Alibaba is laying the foundation for terminal clothing manufacturers to run all machines with a standardized general operating system

obviously, industrial interconnection has begun to drive into deep water

concurrence or zero sum

the complexity of industrial subdivisions means that the deepening of industrial interconnection will also be a scuffle. The scale of the enterprises included in the future will be unprecedented both in terms of number and in terms of subdivisions. Competition and cooperation is still zero sum. How to seize the first place has become an important problem faced by manufacturers at present

however, whether it is competition or zero sum, enterprises play an important role in their own positioning in the deep sea of industrial interconnection. On the one hand, although China is the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification, there is no manufacturer that can cover all the industrial subdivisions and application scenarios

on the other hand, the players who enter the industrial interconnection track have different genes, such as industrial enterprises, ICT enterprises, interconnection giants, etc. some enterprises start from process manufacturing, and some start from discrete manufacturing. The technical framework of the industrial interconnection platform they build is also different to meet the higher requirements of customers. Finding the right position is the first step in the deep-sea scuffle of industrial interconnection

at the same time, in the development process of Internet manufacturers, a key lies in data exchange, system integration and the creation of general systems. Industry is a collection of all units engaged in economic activities of the same nature. However, as the supply chain and value chain span different industries and enterprises, there are often problems such as weak enterprise connections and poor data sharing, which will lead to the value of data can not be brought into full play

industrial interconnection is an ecological community, which is jointly completed by ecology from elements to values. To promote cross industry interconnection, it is necessary to establish the connection between enterprises in the whole value chain and the whole business ecosystem, and realize the flow of data related to enterprise operation in the whole value chain and the whole ecosystem

finally, industrial interconnection is based on the externalization of value chain expansion, and presents characteristics completely different from traditional industry. The sharp industry gap and the changeable processes of enterprises are huge gaps for the platform. Most importantly, the business logic of industrial interconnection has evolved

in the era of industrial interconnection, a traditional manufacturing industry needs to appear as an all-round role of an operator. For example, as a manufacturing excellence company, does Foxconn really support it to become an operational company? Similarly, Haier, Midea, XCMG, Zoomlion and other companies committed to a new role need to face whether organizational change is ready to deal with the torture of a new business model

industrial interconnection is the integrator of technology, which requires a large number of convergence and integration of different disciplines, technologies and knowledge. At present, no platform has more than 50% of the resources, technologies and capabilities required for industrial interconnection

obviously, at present, the relationship between platforms is not zero sum, but competition and cooperation, and cooperation takes precedence over competition. Only by fully cooperating between platforms and building an ecological community of sharing and collaboration, can we make the cake bigger

in the past few years, we have witnessed that Chinese e-commerce enterprises have eliminated the boundary between online and offline worlds and created seamless customer bodies at all contact points

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