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Industrial interconnection has entered the application period, injecting great impetus into the upgrading of manufacturing industry

the Ministry of industry and information technology recently revealed at the seminar on the implementation guidelines for the construction and promotion of industrial interconnection platforms that it will speed up the improvement of the implementation guidelines for the construction and promotion of industrial interconnection platforms and actively promote the cloud launch of ten key equipment in accordance with the strategic deployment of the State Council for the development of industrial interconnection platforms

it is generally believed in the industry that the Symposium of the Ministry of industry and information technology released a clear signal: the country will further promote the development of industrial interconnection. It is expected that the "guidelines for the implementation of industrial interconnection platform construction and promotion projects" will be formulated and issued within the year, and the subsequent relevant industrial policies are expected to continue to be implemented

China defines the development goal of industrial interconnection

industrial interconnection refers to the integrated application of industrial systems and advanced computing, analysis, sensing technology and interconnection connection. Through the connection between intelligent machines, combined with software and big data analysis, the reconstruction of industrial production processes can not only greatly improve the production efficiency, eelcee has proved that it can reduce weight by 20% - 30% (up to 50% in special cases), but also accurately meet all kinds of consumer needs

at present, industrial interconnection is considered to be the general trend of industrial development in the future. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States have issued corresponding policies to promote the overall development of industrial interconnection and industry with the advantages of easy realization of electronic control. In China, industrial interconnection is also highly valued, and two national strategies, interconnection + and made in China 2025, have been put forward. At the same time, relevant departments have also issued a series of policies and measures to promote the application and development of industrial interconnection, creating a good policy environment for industrial development

on November 27, 2017, the State Council officially issued the guiding opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing and developing industrial interconnection (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which put forward the development goals of industrial interconnection in the next three stages:

by 2025, the industrial interconnection infrastructure covering all regions and industries will be basically completed, and the industrial interconnection identification analysis system will be continuously improved and promoted on a large scale, Basically form infrastructure and industrial system with international competitiveness

by 2035, build an internationally leading industrial interconnection network infrastructure and platform, comprehensively and deeply apply industrial interconnection, form an innovation leading ability in advantageous industries, and achieve international leadership in key fields

by the middle of this century, the innovation and development capacity of industrial interconnection, technology industry system and integrated application will fully reach the international advanced level, and the comprehensive strength will enter the forefront of the world

the Opinions also requires that the construction of network infrastructure be promoted as a key project in view of the current development of industrial interconnection in China. The main measures include four key contents:

first, the transformation and upgrading within industrial enterprises. Through the implementation of the transformation within industrial enterprises, it will promote the it, flattening and flexibility within industrial enterprises, so as to open up information islands and data chimneys for wider interconnection, Lay a good foundation for the in-depth development of advanced manufacturing industry

second, accelerate the construction outside industrial enterprises, focus on accelerating the construction and transformation of broadband network infrastructure, expand the coverage of the network, optimize and upgrade the national backbone network, and provide guarantee for the ubiquitous interconnection and smooth flow of data in all links of the industrial chain

third, promote the construction of identification analysis system, promote the accurate connection between supply chain system and enterprise production system, and the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things, so as to realize the management of product life cycle across enterprises, regions and industries, and promote the integration and sharing of information resources

fourth, promote the full deployment of IPv6 in the industrial field to meet the needs of the development of industrial intelligence for massive addresses

industrial interconnection has entered the application period

according to the Ministry of industry and information technology, China's industrial interconnection has entered the application period. From 2018 to 2020, China will accelerate the construction, development and application of industrial interconnection according to the opinions and other guiding documents. From 2018, China will gradually deploy IPv6, narrowband IOT, SDN, 5g and other advanced technologies in the industrial field on the basis of promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises, so as to form a mature industrial interconnection application and production system

the Ministry of industry and information technology also revealed that by 2020, China's industrial interconnection platform system will initially take shape, and it is expected to build about 10 enterprise level platforms across industries and fields, which can support the digitalization, networking and intelligent production of enterprises; By 2020, China will also take advantage of the opportunity to promote the development of industrial interconnection, cultivate 300000 industrial apps for specific industries and specific scenarios, and promote 300000 enterprises to apply industrial interconnection platforms to carry out R & D, design, manufacturing, operation management and other businesses. At that time, the fundamental and supporting role of industrial interconnection platforms in industrial transformation and upgrading will initially appear

it is reported that China will take the lead in promoting the corresponding network upgrading and technology application in the automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, electronic components and other industries. At the same time, it will focus on key areas such as CNC machine tools, industrial robots, large power equipment, and realize the integration and innovation of intelligent control, intelligent sensing, industrial chips and network communication modules, helping enterprises form a series of capabilities such as connection, computing New intelligent equipment and intelligent production process with optimized functions. It is generally believed in the industry that once the industrial interconnection technology is rapidly applied, the above industries will smoothly enter the era of intelligent production

inject great impetus into the upgrading of manufacturing industry

it is a global consensus that industrial interconnection has become a new trend in manufacturing and economic development

yole development, a market consulting agency, predicts that more than 30billion specialized sensors will be used in global industrial interconnection in 2020; The number of industrial interconnection access machines and equipment will increase explosively. The access scale in 2015 was 26, providing an important opportunity for the continued growth of advanced polymer composites. By 2021, this number will exceed 10billion, achieving a compound annual growth rate of up to 25%

according to the Research Report of general motors, the current global economic scale is more than 70 trillion US dollars, and the global industrial sector accounts for about 30%, about 20 trillion US dollars. Among them, commodity manufacturing accounts for about 17% of global output, while other industries, including resource exploitation and construction, account for about 13% of global output. These industries will become the basis for the development of industrial interconnection. In addition, industrial interconnection also includes sectors broader than traditional economic classification. For example, it also involves a large number of transportation departments, including industrial transportation formation and large logistics industries such as aviation, railway and maritime transportation, while other commercial and government service departments will also benefit from the rapid development of industrial interconnection. For example, in the medical field, massive health data will optimize the diagnosis and treatment process. In the field of public transport, all kinds of data will help transportation travel more convenient and efficient

at the same time, General Motors also predicts that industrial interconnection is expected to affect the global economy by 46% (about 32.3 trillion US dollars) in the future and become the most important global industry. The market space of industrial interconnection in China is also huge. According to the estimation of the Ministry of industry and information technology and relevant authoritative institutions, the development of industrial interconnection in China will bring about a GDP increase of at least $3trillion in the next 20 years, which will inject huge development momentum into the upgrading of manufacturing industry and sustained economic growth

the Research Report of Guotai Junan and other securities companies also believes that industrial interconnection is not only beneficial to accelerating the upgrading and transformation of China's manufacturing industry and enhancing the strength of industrial economy, but also contains huge business opportunities. By the end of the 13th five year plan, the market scale of this industry will exceed trillion. As industrial interconnection involves the Informatization Transformation of the existing industrial system, it will directly promote the information industries such as interconnection, IOT, big data and cloud computing; When it comes to the transformation of production links, it will also be conducive to the development of sensors, monitoring equipment, automation equipment and other fields. In addition, one of the development goals of industrial interconnection is to realize intelligent manufacturing, which will also bring development opportunities for software and hardware fields such as intelligent robots and new industrial software

several market research institutions said that the production beat time has been shortened by about 20%. At present, the demand for industrial interconnection is the most urgent in manufacturing, petrochemical, electric power, medical treatment, aviation, rail transit and other industries. Large scale enterprises, large Chinese enterprises and military enterprises have begun to layout industrial interconnection. With the rapid penetration of industrial interconnection in the above fields, other upstream and downstream industries will also begin to integrate with industrial interconnection, and relevant industrial opportunities will continue to appear

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