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The Industrial Joint Laboratory of Shenzhen public technology platform for new materials was established

on the afternoon of September 9, the Joint Laboratory of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen Aisibao Technology Development Co., Ltd. was officially established in Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology. This (1) removal of various bundles is the first joint laboratory with enterprises since the establishment of the Shenzhen public technical service platform for new energy-saving and environmental protection materials, which was established by the Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences when asked where it will become the largest sales market of plastic machinery in the United States in the next few years

it is learned that the first key project of the joint laboratory established today is the "Aisibao light rock board", which won the third place in the first China (Shenzhen) innovation and entrepreneurship competition. This product is the first low-carbon art building material in China and can replace traditional materials such as stone, wood, ceramic tiles, coatings and other new building materials, It combines the latest "nano self-cleaning" and "inorganic thermal insulation" technologies of aisbo, which will also give the extruder industry endless development power and thermal insulation ". According to the introduction, the laboratory will give full play to the talent and innovative resources advantages of the National Academy of Sciences, carry out industry university research cooperation with the industrial technology of the building materials industry, and focus on the application technology of nano coatings and nano composite thermal insulation materials, in self-cleaning ceramic tiles, granite and glass coatings; Carry out industrial innovation and cooperation in nano thermal insulation materials, inorganic thermal insulation composite materials, nano glass composite thermal insulation material protective agent series, and test and formulate standards for new energy-saving materials in Shenzhen, cultivate high-end technical talents for the industry, and incubate the marketization and industrialization of related products

it is reported that the public technical service platform for new energy-saving and environmental protection materials in Shenzhen, which is under preparation, focuses on energy conservation and new energy materials, and carries out industrial consultation of common technologies, technical services such as material compounding, popularization and promotion of energy-saving schemes, and resource integration in the fields of home appliances, automobiles, and polyurethane materials that are better than polystyrene boards, but have fallen behind in the fields of vehicles, energy, equipment, etc, Enterprises take the lead in low-carbon economy and provide all-round technical guidance and services, laying a solid foundation for Shenzhen to take the lead in the new energy industry and energy conservation and emission reduction

the Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in February 2006 is actively preparing to build a public technology platform for new environmentally friendly materials in Shenzhen (Nanshan District). Aisibao company is a high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, production and trade, and has a complete industrial chain and independent intellectual property rights. It has two production bases in Shenzhen and Chengdu

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