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The industrial machine vision market is facing challenges, and intelligent micro intelligence puts forward effective solutions.

artificial intelligence technology is developing rapidly, and various industries are innovating under the technology of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence engineering technology can make machines have the ability to imitate human beings, and can also engage in many precise system calculations. Machine vision is an important aspect of artificial intelligence technology. Machine vision is to use machines instead of human eyes to measure and judge. Different from the related technologies of hearing, machine vision mainly installs a pair of sensitive eyes for industrial machines, so that they can not only see, but also feel

machine vision is mainly used to detect some complex graphic recognition tasks. Now, more and more industries need to use such detection, such as textile and fiber, casting and injection molding, automobile central and local environmental protection policies, automobile steel plate surface, packaging and printing and other industries. These fields are where machine vision is of great use. In addition, with the continuous fermentation of IOT technology, machine vision technology also has broad prospects for development

in the huge system of industry 4.0, industrial machine vision has become an important way for the manufacturing industry to reduce human resource costs and improve efficiency and accuracy. Smart micro intelligence integrates Intel vision products and technologies, and has launched a smart micro intelligent industrial machine vision solution covering machine vision control host and industrial RRK suite, which can help customers in the manufacturing industry quickly deploy machine vision capabilities within the enterprise, replace widely distributed product inspectors, and improve production efficiency at the same time

challenge: industry characteristics affect the deployment of machine vision in the production environment

in recent years, some enterprises have begun to explore defect detection based on machine vision recognition technology to improve weather resistance and increase dimensional stability;, However, in the process of practical application, although traditional machine vision recognition can liberate part of the productivity, there are also a series of problems, such as low recognition rate and unable to completely replace manual inspection in complex environments, which also leads to the current quality inspection market still adopts a large number of manual visual inspection, and the coverage of machine vision is less than 5%. In the future, AI machine vision will replace human inspection and fill the gap of industrial quality inspection

the technical challenge of industrial machine vision is first reflected in the product and technology level: affected by the lens distortion correction, calibration difference, viewing angle range, installation condition and site of industrial cameras, as well as the type, angle and brightness of environmental beams, it may cause different imaging quality and effect, directly interfere with the detection of detection algorithm, and may cause product misjudgment. In addition, some industrial machine vision systems adopt the mode of data transmission to the cloud, offline model training, and then deployment to the terminal. The adjustment and optimization of cloud model parameters will not produce a lot of performance overhead, resulting in load pressure, and high delay, which is difficult to meet the requirements of high real-time

each type of manufacturing enterprise has different requirements for the sensor type, performance load, deep learning algorithm, etc. of machine vision, and involves the integration of multidisciplinary technology, so it is difficult to find a universal machine vision solution. Machine vision solution providers need to customize according to the different needs of customers. In addition, the closed industrial circle makes it difficult to share core technologies, which further increases the difficulty of the integration of the scheme

solutions: integrating Intel vision technology, smart micro intelligence launched industrial machine vision solutions

based on its long-term accumulation in the field of machine vision and industry, smart micro intelligence (jwipc) launched an industrial machine vision solution including machine vision controller and industrial RRK suite, which helps to replace factory internal inspection and other positions, and improve the operation efficiency and quality of the production line while reducing costs

jwipc machine vision controller series is equipped with Intel q170/c236 chipset, intel core processor/Intel Xeon processor, and Intel movidius myriad x vision processor, and integrates visual acceleration card, motion control card, vision software, platform software, light source and controller, industrial camera and lens, video capture card, and vision algorithm, It can effectively meet the needs of machine vision control

jwipc machine vision controller provides professional industrial machine vision hardware. It has the advantages of strong performance, low power consumption, stability and outstanding scalability after the dial indicator is zeroed. It can not only import standard algorithms, but also deliver customized algorithms through artificial intelligence model training to meet the customization needs of various industries

as a partner of Intel, smart micro intelligence uses e7ql industrial computer as the hardware part to integrate the vas algorithm developed by Intel. Intelligent micro intelligent visual control host ix75 series products adopt Intel Xeon E Series platform, with rich interfaces, support mxm3.0 high-speed signal expansion slots, and quickly realize the expansion of multiple slots to one step to improve the thermal insulation performance of inorganic products. It can externally control motion cards, video capture cards, visual acceleration cards, etc., support Poe camera equipment, and meet vga+dp+hdmi multi-type display output. Based on smart micro intelligent industrial software platform (RRK) suite, by integrating Intel EIS platform and openvino tools, integrating a variety of industrial algorithms and software, we can deal with a variety of application scenarios more agile. Customers can quickly complete the construction of the whole scene and software upgrade by customizing the configuration according to their own application scenario needs, reducing labor costs and improving detection efficiency

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