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Industrial Internet market: chaos is beginning to open, and the prospect is infinite

I often hear people complain that they have not felt the improvement of technology in recent decades. In big cities, there are more cars, buildings are higher, and electronic equipment is more and more sophisticated, but it is a little worse than the earth shaking changes in human life brought about by technology during the steam revolution and industrial revolution. I often have this feeling that driven by capital, enterprises are more interested in developing new and new software to obtain greater profits, and lack activities to explore new forms of human life. However, today, the author has the honor to have a dialogue with executives from UFIDA, Inspur and Anni Mason, and once again raised expectations for future scientific and technological changes. With the rapid development of lft-d molding technology (long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material molding technology) in Europe and the United States

in the next five to ten years, our lives will be greatly innovated. Internet no longer exists in the palm of the hand. The description of the future in "three bodies 2: dark forest" will be close to showing that everything can be connected to the Internet, computer algorithms recognize everything around, and people's lives are operated by highly intelligent software and hardware services. All these innovations originate from the development of industrial interconnection

highly interdisciplinary is the characteristic of industrial interconnection

industrial interconnection builds a new network infrastructure of comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things through the system construction of three functional systems: network, platform and security, and forms a new business form and application mode of intelligent development

among them, the network system is the basis of industrial interconnection, which extends the connection object to the whole industrial system, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain. It can realize the ubiquitous and deep interconnection of all elements such as people, goods, machines, workshops and enterprises, as well as all links such as design, R & D, production, management and service, including network connection, identification analysis, edge computing and other key technologies

platform system is the core of industrial interconnection. It is a service system based on massive data collection, aggregation and analysis to meet the needs of digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry, and a carrier to support ubiquitous connection, flexible supply and efficient configuration of manufacturing resources. Among them, platform technology is the core, and the industrial app technology carried on the platform is the key

security system is the guarantee of industrial interconnection. By building a security protection system covering the whole industrial system, we can enhance the security guarantee ability of equipment, network, control, application and data, identify and resist security threats, resolve various security risks, build a safe and credible environment for the development of industrial intelligence, and ensure the realization of industrial intelligence

new models and new formats are the characteristic applications of China's industrial interconnection. Chinese industrial enterprises, information and communication enterprises and Internet enterprises have actively carried out industrial Internet application exploration and mode innovation, and formed many new modes and new formats, such as intelligent production, personalized customization, networking collaboration, service-oriented extension, etc

the inspection and quarantine department will take the initiative to strengthen technical assistance and scientific guidance. The industry is in the exploratory stage, the competition has not yet begun, and there is a huge gap of compound talents.

the author has the honor to have in-depth exchanges with relevant people from UFIDA, Inspur and Anni Mason industrial interconnection departments. Several senior practitioners believe that the domestic market of industrial interconnection is far from being developed, and the industrial chain is numerous and complex. The industrial interconnection industry not only includes the technical fields of flat waste plastic particles, such as Taiwan, network and safety, but also integrates all fields of manufacturing industry. The fields involved in industrial interconnection are complex, but unified standards have not yet been formed, which are greatly affected by the closure of supply chains in different industries, different informatization levels and other factors

in terms of market scale, domestic industrial interconnection will reach the level of hundreds of billions to trillions in the future. The prospect of industrial interconnection is extremely broad. The future market will integrate industries such as big data, artificial intelligence, automation and IOT, and comprehensively attach the traditional manufacturing industry and financial industry. As the whole industry is still in the enlightenment stage, it is difficult to classify and count the past data. However, according to the relevant person in charge of leading enterprises, the revenue in the field of industrial interconnection reached billions of yuan in 2018

at the current stage, the market competition of industrial interconnection has not yet started, and R & D and exploration are the main theme. On this basis, enterprises have new demands for talents in this field, especially qualified talents

in the practice field of industrial interconnection, compound talents need to understand it technology, as well as the understanding and business process of the whole industrial chain of manufacturing industry. In industrial interconnection, the problems of equipment connection scale, safety level, technical difficulty and involved data processing determine that the requirements for professional and technical personnel in this field are more stringent. First of all, their professional knowledge system not only needs to cover the research of core key technologies such as intelligent network, industrial software and hardware, CPS, etc; Secondly, it also needs to have a lot of production experience, as well as a good grasp of modeling, virtual simulation and other tools; More importantly, we need to be able to transform experience into models and have the comprehensive strength of big data analysis

in addition, manufacturers such as UFIDA, Inspur and Anni Mason provide customers with industrial interconnection technology. The more important task is to explore new business models with customers. The technology of industrial interconnection requires very high landing capacity, and all technologies aim to effectively attach energy to the whole industrial chain of manufacturing industry. Therefore, in addition to mastering a lot of knowledge in different fields, compliance talents also need the ability to quickly learn and innovate. It can be predicted that enterprises with qualified talents will be in an advantageous position in the future market competition after the relevant parts can be removed and cleaned with kerosene when the pendulum cannot be hung or the bolt cannot be detached

enterprises can enter the industry of industrial interconnection from multiple levels

industrial interconnection involves a wide range of fields, and different types of enterprises can enter the industry from different angles. Industrial interconnection is highly related to cloud services, and most of the services of industrial interconnection are also based on cloud computing. At this stage, the rapidly developing enterprises in the domestic industrial Internet market can be roughly divided into three types: starting with infrastructure, starting with platform and starting with technology. Although the starting points are different, the goal of enterprises is to establish their own ecosystem in the field of industrial interconnection, and connect the manufacturing industry and software information service industry with themselves as the center. Next, we will take three enterprises as examples to briefly introduce the strategic layout of enterprises in the field of industrial interconnection from different levels

UFIDA released the smart industrial Internet platform (hereinafter referred to as smart platform) in August 2017. Up to now, the smart platform has settled in more than 4000 ecological partners, and more than 6000 ecological applications, serving 460000 industrial customers. At the strategic level, smart platform is the comprehensive application of UFIDA cloud in industrial enterprises, and is committed to providing enterprises with connections and services of all elements, all industry chains and all value chains. At present, smart platform can be compatible with 1569 types of equipment, more than 10 types of factories, more than 120 financial institutions, 28 home appliance business platforms and 5 logistics platforms

this year, the smart platform has been upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0. In this upgrade, the smart platform has completed the extension from industrial interconnection to industrial interconnection; Completed the construction of 8 Industry Sub platforms and 5 Regional sub platforms; Formed the application ability of manufacturing platform; Preliminarily complete the ecological system of industrial interconnection; Start the construction of secondary nodes for identification analysis

industrial interconnection marks are the basis of computer identification of objects, and also the basis of industrial interconnection. In the future, UFIDA hopes to connect all fields of the industrial chain based on the industrial Internet logo, realize one code for one thing, serve the national economy and the people's livelihood, and complete three 100% projects. In the field of food and medicine, the circulation process and manufacturing process are tracked in real time to achieve 100% safety of food and medicine; In the field of high-end equipment, intelligently monitor the production, detection, operation, and maintenance processes to achieve 100% reliability of equipment; In the field of hazardous chemicals, the whole life cycle tracks the movement of hazardous chemicals to ensure zero loss of hazardous chemicals

Inspur cloud industrial interconnection platform was launched in 2017. It is built by Inspur relying on the advantages of cloud service platform support ability, enterprise information service ability, model experience of advanced manufacturing industry and so on. At present, it has been oriented to 10 industries such as engineering machinery, electronic information, electric power and has built solutions covering 9 fields such as R & D and design, procurement and supply, production and manufacturing

at the strategic level, Inspur cloud is committed to becoming an industrial Internet operator. As an operator of industrial interconnection platform, Langchao cloud has jointly established industry models with leading enterprises in subdivided fields to jointly build industry-level industrial interconnection platform and drive the development of upstream and downstream industries

when building the industrial Internet platform, Inspur cloud also actively expanded its ecological layout. In August 2018, Inspur cloud released the ladder plan to develop partners. At the same time, Inspur also led the establishment of China's open source industrial PAAS alliance, released the industrial PAAS platform, and jointly invested with odoo, Sweden's largest open source software enterprise, to deepen the transformation and development of cloud ERP and promote the construction of open source industrial PAAS platform. So far, Inspur has obtained the identity of cloud service provider for enterprises in more than 230 prefectures and cities in more than 20 provinces, and the identity of industrial interconnection service provider in more than 100 prefectures and cities in 10 provinces, promoting the establishment of industrial interconnection alliances in more than 10 provinces and cities, and gathering 5000 + partners

Annie Mason's main businesses in the field of industrial interconnection include edge computing, EIS, shared factory, virtual production line, and industrial big data platform. EIS solves data acquisition and protocol conversion, and uses software to solve user equipment docking and data acquisition, which is in the middle and upper reaches of the industrial chain. Edge computing solves the functions of data acquisition and protocol conversion at the data edge by means of hardware technology and encapsulated software, and provides edge intelligent solutions to meet the edge computing capabilities of data storage, conversion, processing, analysis, etc. Shared factory and virtual production line use the concept of data twins to model some peripheral factories and unstructured production lines, and establish a set of virtual, manageable, optimized and executable data models. The industrial big data platform provides cloud computing and big data processing capabilities, and uses intelligent algorithms to provide intelligent decision-making for enterprises

we often say that giants with long-term monopoly will fall on destructive innovative technologies. However, in the past five years, we have seen that technology companies have become more and more sensitive in capturing future trends. When industrial interconnection is still in the cultivation period, major enterprises have begun to deploy at the strategic level. The scene of the interconnection of all things in the future is not far away. The innovation that has caused earth shaking changes to life like the industrial revolution is quietly unfolding and moving forward rapidly

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