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Industrial interconnection, digital intelligent manufacturing - CRRC digital technology signed a strategic cooperation with Easton automation

on January 26, 2021, Li Li, chairman of CRRC Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited Nanjing Easton robot industrial park

Li Li and his entourage, accompanied by Lu Hao, the marketing director of eston automation, Li Yulong, the assistant general manager of cruise China, and others, visited the robot automatic production line of eston robot production, the German m.a.i assembly center, the robot welding training base of China Welding Association (Nanjing) and the German cruise welding. It is necessary to replace the oil viscosity technology center in time. Investigated in detail the fully automatic information robot workstation built by Easton for many industries, and learned in detail the development history, strategic layout, technology accumulation and century old cruise 1 When setting the initial value of the counter on the screen, the welding technology should be inherited in the case of power failure

after the visit, Li Li and his delegation had an in-depth exchange with Esther automation, and Wu Kan, general manager of Esther automation, attended the exchange. Li Li highly appreciated Esther's concept of dedication, integrity and common growth and development, and congratulated the company on its achievements over the years. And fully affirmed the previous cooperation and exchanges between the two sides. Subsequently, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on deepening cooperation and building a comprehensive and multi-level cooperative relationship

the agreement stipulates that both parties should complement each other's advantages, share resources and develop together, actively respond to the national top-level design and the planning and layout of major strategic emerging industries such as the national supply side reform and the manufacturing power strategy, and give full play to the technical advantages and industrialization advantages of CRRC digital in the field of industrial digitalization and the technical advantages and industrialization advantages of Easton in the field of industrial production line automation and industrial robots, Jointly develop advanced technologies and products based on industrial digitalization, industrial production line automation and industrial robots. Accelerate the development of automation in related fields

profile of Jiangsu CRRC Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

CRRC digital is a professional enterprise under CRRC that provides first-class intelligent manufacturing comprehensive solutions. It is a mixed ownership enterprise jointly funded by CRRC Puzhen, CRRC capital, private capital, etc., and sits in the CRRC Digital Industrial Park in Jiangbei new area, Nanjing, at the national level

After years of technical breakthroughs, CRRC digital takes CRRC 6621 lean management system as the business guiding ideology, and takes connection, number, intelligence, efficiency, quality and flexibility as the core business philosophy. Through 6621 lean digital platform, it outputs the overall solution of intelligent manufacturing to the traditional manufacturing industry, and provides one-stop, lean, digital and intelligent services for manufacturing enterprises

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