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Industrial interconnection: accelerate integration into made in China

in this year's government work report, it is proposed to vigorously develop the interconnection + strategy. Specifically, in the industrial field, it is the concept of interconnection + manufacturing. This concept is not very different from the concept of industrial interconnection proposed by the United States. It is commonly understood that it is the use of emerging information technologies related to interconnection in the manufacturing industry to change the manufacturing mode, improve production efficiency and create more value

in today's more popular concepts of industry 4.0 and industrial interconnection, why does China not follow industry 4.0 as its own industrial system, but prefer the application of interconnection in industry? Although "made in China 2025" has been released, and most of the packaging materials regarded as leading the transformation and development of Chinese industry in the next 10 years are primary product programmatic documents, we should see that "made in China 2025" is not the Chinese version of industry 4.0, and the difference between the two is very large. The reason is that most of China's manufacturing industry is still at the level of Germany 2.0, and many of them are not up to 2.0, but at the level of 1.0, which is still quite different from the standard of German industry 4.0

the key reason why China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong lies in the weak ability of the four basic industries, namely, key basic materials, core basic parts (components), advanced basic processes, and industrial technology. These basic industrial courses cannot be filled in one day, two days a year or two. German industry has experienced more than 200 years of development before it is today. Although Chinese industry can stand on the shoulders of giants, some basic processes are inevitable and still need long-term efforts

therefore, at present, it is more feasible for Chinese industry to improve the refinement, intelligence and greening of manufacturing process by means of interconnection. Although industrial interconnection is a concept put forward by general electric, in fact, in the field of industrial control, many automation enterprises can also develop their own industrial interconnection solutions. In short, industrial interconnection is to use equipment connection to monitor equipment data, production data and logistics data through the network, analyze and mine these data, so as to guide production, optimize equipment operation, reduce energy consumption and help decision-making

the key points of industrial interconnection solutions are equipment, sensing, control system, data collection, data analysis and cloud platform computing resources. If the technical problems of these key nodes are solved well, industrial interconnection can be implemented. Chinese enterprises have a certain foundation for the technologies involved in these key points, and the feasibility of developing suitable solutions is not low

among the key nodes of industrial interconnection, the enterprises involved include equipment manufacturers, IOT (chip) manufacturers, industrial control automation enterprises, big data enterprises and cloud computing enterprises. Because technology is multi-party and enterprises are in different fields, it is always necessary to have a leading enterprise joint industrial chain upstream and downstream R & D solutions. The leading enterprises can be equipment manufacturers, industrial control enterprises or IT enterprises. For example, General Electric is actually an industrial equipment enterprise. Another example is Hollysys, an industrial automation enterprise

but at present, from the perspective of the revenue scale brought by industrial interconnection to enterprises, no absolutely leading enterprise has won the leading position in the field of industrial interconnection. For example, there is no separate industrial interconnection revenue in GE's financial report statistics. The reason is that fully mature industrial interconnection solutions have not been developed. Like industry 4.0, the industrial interconnection industry is still groping

there are probably two difficulties in industrial interconnection analysis: one is that industrial interconnection solutions involve more upstream and downstream enterprises, which need the cooperation of all parties. For leading enterprises, their actual strength and influence in the industrial industry need to be relatively high. IT enterprises, communication enterprises or Internet enterprises are unlikely to occupy a leading position in the field of industrial interconnection. They are more likely to become a member of the cooperative alliance and cooperate with the leading enterprises to launch solutions. However, without the support of enterprises in the ICT field, it is difficult to make industrial interconnection solutions. This requires leading enterprises to have strong R & D strength, organizational ability and capital ability to gather enterprises in various fields to jointly develop solutions

another is that industrial interconnection solutions applied in different industrial fields are not the same, that is, industrial interconnection is not as universal as it solutions. Energy enterprises need different plans from equipment enterprises, and electronic manufacturing enterprises and iron and steel enterprises need different plans. The reason is that different types of enterprises use different production equipment, different production processes, and different production parameters. The data collected by industrial interconnection needs to be closely combined with the production characteristics of industrial enterprises, so that valuable data can be collected. Therefore, every industrial interconnection solution needs to be closely combined with the production in this field. Only enterprises that have a deep understanding of the professional characteristics of various fields of industry and also have it R & D capabilities can be able to make industrial interconnection solutions

expert opinion

Feng Peide, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

let Internet exert its power in the aircraft manufacturing industry

Internet giant Google stepped into the manufacturing industry, and manufacturing giant General Electric spent billions of dollars to realize the transformation from traditional manufacturers to network manufacturers. The identity cross replacement of Google and General Electric is the integration of informatization and industrialization, which has gradually become an inevitable trend in the world, announcing the arrival of the era of intelligent industry

in this trend, it is not only necessary to have commercial interconnection such as Taobao, but also to develop industrial interconnection. However, there is still a big gap between China's industrial interconnection and developed countries. For example, China's aircraft manufacturing industry has tried Digital Collaborative Manufacturing in different places, which has shortened the manufacturing cycle of some new aircraft to about 15 months. However, the scope of collaborative manufacturing in different places is currently mostly limited to the main engine manufacturers, with little involvement of engines and airborne systems. Making the Internet powerful in the whole service life of aircraft will provide major opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry

yuxiaohui, chief engineer of China Academy of information and communications

there are still many things to be done in the integration of industry and interconnection

China's industry started relatively late. Although the industry is large, it is not strong, and the technological endowment of manufacturing links is insufficient. At present, the integration of interconnection and industry also focuses on the transformation of both ends of the production process, such as R & D, procurement, marketing, services and other links, from consumption interconnection to industrial interconnection. From the perspective of future development trends, China, like Germany and the United States, will also realize the transformation of the whole life cycle of production through Internet technology

the integration of industry and Internet mentioned by China now covers a wider range than that of the United States and Germany. It also needs to consider marketing services, industrial management, and reform from the whole industrial chain. In the past, China proposed the integration of the two from the perspective of informatization, without much emphasis on the characteristics of intelligence. Therefore, the deep integration of industry and interconnection advocated by China now needs to do more, and it is more emphasized that interconnection is deep into the industrial field, and the light utilization of graphene is civil oriented, which can quickly realize productization and bring higher cost-effective utilization penetration to consumers, thus triggering the overall reform of the industrial chain and value chain

General Manager of Ge industrial interconnection Greater China Yang Tao

Industrial interconnection needs to obtain three types of data

the era of industrial interconnection is an era of software defining machines, and data plays an extremely important role. Generally speaking, there are three types of data in enterprise management:

the first is strategic data. These data need to be based on time series to carry out risk assessment, prediction, planning and decision support for various data. These structured data can be obtained from the current data warehouse system, business decision support system, ERP system. The second type is operation data, which can be found in production system, MES system and production process. The third type is event driven real-time data, which are all unstructured, such as various data generated by sensors, industrial interconnection and human behavior: low carbon steel: samples are gradually flattened and video, etc

we need to use a large number of base replacement fixtures. It is not only difficult to maintain the consistency of the position (which often affects the test results) in big data analysis, machine learning, complex analysis, etc., which is a necessary means of data analysis in the era of industrial interconnection

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