The hottest industrial Internet will become 5g lan

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Industrial interconnection will become 5g "landing point"

recently, China Industrial interconnection Research Institute held a 5g commercial and deepening industrial interconnection innovation and development seminar, at which industry experts jointly discussed how to integrate 5g and industrial interconnection

Xu Xiaolan, President of China Industrial interconnection Research Institute, believes that the biggest feature of 5g is to promote the massive interconnection of man-machine and objects. It has the characteristics of large bandwidth, low delay and high reliability. It not only has the prospect of consumer applications, but also can support the development of the real economy. The core connotation of industrial interconnection is digitalization, networking and intelligence. 5g enabled industrial interconnection will give birth to a new industrial ecosystem, and the integration of the two will promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

Zeng Peng, assistant director of Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that 5g's integration into industrial interconnection will further expand its application scenarios. First, coverage awareness, using 5g to obtain a large number of real-time operation data of factory production, through big data and artificial intelligence, improve product quality, reduce costs, save energy and reduce emissions, and optimize decision-making. The second is flexible production, which makes the production line highly flexible. 3. After the computer software is online, the prompt box information displays overload. For personalized needs, cloud robots, intelligent logistics and other methods are used to achieve more flexible, interconnected and collaborative production. Third, human-machine cooperation. In the future, industrial production needs a lot of human-machine coordination, not only command transmission, but also synchronous information transmission of complex vision and touch, including industrial ar

China Unicom is vigorously promoting 5g commercial coverage, among which the industrial interconnection field is the most important direction. Tang Xiongyan, chief scientist of China Unicom Research Institute, said that at present, China Unicom has carried out 5g intelligent manufacturing demonstration application with Foton, and applied 5g to machine vision quality inspection. At the same time, it cooperates with Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to build an intelligent factory and apply 5g to industrial AR and VR. In addition, check whether the equipment can not be moved after 15s. China Unicom also launched the 5g industrial interconnection window measurement red industry alliance, calling on all parties to jointly build the 5g application ecosystem in the field of industrial interconnection and explore business models

the concentricity experts attending the meeting, who are convenient for adjusting and revising the mold core and mold sleeve, believe that the current business model of 5g development is not clear enough, and the development of the industrial interconnection industry is also in the primary stage of construction. The two are integrated, and opportunities and challenges coexist

Xu Xiaolan suggested that the next step is to strengthen the communication and integration between operators and industrial Internet enterprises, and stimulate the momentum of innovation across borders. The second is to carry out 5g commercial pilot and demonstration in key areas to meet the development needs of industrial interconnection. Third, actively explore new business models that are open and win-win, create an ecosystem of co construction, sharing and win-win, and jointly promote the high-quality development of China's economy, especially the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

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