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The first industrial Internet platform unicorn was born, and CAOS cosmoplat led the new infrastructure

on July 28, the China high growth enterprise development forum and the China Unicorn Enterprise Research Report Conference were first held in Tianjin. Great Wall strategic consulting released the 2019 Research Report on chinese Unicorn enterprises and the list of new Unicorn enterprises in 2020

the list shows that enterprises in new economic fields such as artificial intelligence and big data still occupy the mainstream. It is worth noting that the industrial interconnection field is added to the list, and CAOS cosmoplat, with a valuation of more than US $1billion, has become the only enterprise on the list in the interconnection field with good industrial tightness in 2020

under the wind of new infrastructure, the addition of industrial interconnection to the top of the unicorn list has released an important signal: Industrial interconnection, which has accumulated power for many years, is about to explode and become the backbone of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. The only listing of CAOS cosmoplat proves its leading role in science and technology, ecology and mode in the field of industrial interconnection, which is the re emergence of the lighthouse demonstration effect

why is industrial interconnection added for the first time

Industrial commanding heights in the new infrastructure era

under the situation of a new round of industrial reform and the vigorous rise of the scientific and technological revolution, industrial interconnection has become a new battleground. As the dividends of consumer interconnection fade, industrial interconnection will play an important role in nurturing new business forms, new models and promoting the transformation of old and new driving forces in the new decade of the interconnection of all things. In the Black Sea market brought by the IOT experience economy, CAOS cosmoplat has become a new lighthouse on the commanding heights of the new infrastructure era with its user-centered mass customization model

CAOS cosmoplat, established in April 2017, is an industrial interconnection platform with China's independent intellectual property rights. Its main business covers industrial interconnection platform operation, industrial intelligence research, intelligent control, intelligent equipment and automation

as the first of the ten double cross platforms identified by the Ministry of industry and information technology, CAOS cosmoplat has achieved a user-centered mass customization model by integrating technology, capital, market, users, industry and other factors. At the same time, it is a win-win value-added platform that enables enterprises to transform and upgrade through five capabilities: ubiquitous IOT capability, knowledge precipitation capability, big data analysis capability, ecological aggregation capability, and security assurance capability

as we all know, unicorn enterprises refer to a small number of enterprises with a valuation of more than US $1billion and great development potential established within 10 years. This time, CAOS cosmoplat was listed on the unicorn list, and its valuation of more than $1billion proved the strong confidence of the capital market in the CAOS model

on March 31, CAOS cosmoplat made its first round a financing, which set the largest financing scale of industrial Internet platform and jumped into the ranks of Unicorn enterprises at one stroke; Later, it received the first investment in the field of industrial interconnection from the CDB manufacturing transformation and upgrading fund, which explains the strength of the leader in the field of industrial interconnection

Chen Lucheng, chairman and general manager of Haier CAOS IOT Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., also proposed at the development forum that even parts and raw materials are produced and sold. CAOS cosmoplat is to build a new industrial ecosystem in which users participate in the whole process of experience. The platform value is mainly reflected in three aspects:

first, an enabling platform for multilateral interaction and value-added sharing. On this platform, small enterprises share resources, large enterprises jointly build platforms, and find poor lubrication conditions along the line of enterprise industrial ecology. Ultimately, what we can achieve is to maximize the value of all stakeholders and achieve common growth

the second is the incubation platform for the continuous emergence of new species. That is, this platform can call capabilities according to user needs, quickly aggregate resources, and create new products and experiences

third, entrepreneurship and innovation platforms for all kinds of makers. This platform is open and open source, and all kinds of makers and first-class resources can have barrier free access, risk sharing, benefit sharing and dynamic optimization

where is the only Unicorn strong

CAOS cosmoplat: Global empowerment leads

in fact, under the background of accelerating the cultivation of new kinetic energy and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, the birth of more Unicorn enterprises, gazelle enterprises and new leading enterprises has become a new proposition of the times

compared with other unicorns, CAOS cosmoplat, an industrial Internet platform with enabling value, is expected to grow into an incubation platform for unicorns. Today, CAOS cosmoplat relies on its strong platform enabling ability and the continuous drive of innovative ecological model to explore the Black Sea market in height, breadth and speed

at a high level, the mode of CAOS cosmoplat has been widely recognized internationally. It has been designated by ISO, IEEE and IEC international standards organizations to take the lead in formulating global standards on mass customization and in preparing the first industrial interconnection standard for the household appliance industry, truly realizing the leadership of China's industrial interconnection in the world

in terms of speed, CAOS cosmoplat continues to promote the construction of Qingdao as the world's industrial interconnection capital. With the support of policies, Qingdao is accelerating the formation of agglomeration effect and expanding the development advantages of industrial interconnection. At the same time, CAOS cosmoplat actively participated in the incubation of Shandong gazelle and unicorn enterprises, empowering Shandong enterprises through an efficient and professional full process intelligent platform, and further promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing nationwide and even globally

in terms of breadth, CAOS cosmoplat has expanded from a full range of fields to a global perspective, and achieved co creation with large enterprises and sharing with small enterprises through an open ecosystem. Today, CAOS cosmoplat has bred 15 types of industrial ecology, including ceramics and RV, covering east and North China. Now we see 12 demonstration bases in 7 regions including weak demand, which are replicated and promoted in more than 20 countries around the world

industrial interconnection is the key foundation of global productivity reform, and is constantly empowering the value chain innovation of the whole society. Like its name, CAOS cosmoplat is born of chaos, starting from the upgrading of manufacturing, but not stopping in the industrial field

as the only unicorn in the field of industrial interconnection this time, CAOS cosmoplat will continue to play the enabling value of the unicorn platform under the guidance of the four chain ecological layout of industrial chain, capital chain, talent chain and technology chain

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