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Recently, Huiya experience editor entered its beauty product exhibition hall and started a unique spiritual journey. He can't wait to share this wonderful supreme experience with you

with the continuous infiltration of the trend of simplicity and fashion, people have a special preference for the home style of simple lines, simple color matching but elegant. Its beauty closely follows the current trend, and devotes itself to creating Mediterranean style sliding door supporting facilities, high-end silver sliding door supporting facilities and retro and old-fashioned series products, so as to win the hearts of consumers in the new era with excellent appearance and exquisite workmanship. In this early summer, it will bring us an unprecedented room experience! Recently, Huiya experience editor entered its beauty product exhibition hall and started a unique spiritual journey. He can't wait to share this wonderful supreme experience with you



slowly walk into this fresh and elegant overall space, and a strong Mediterranean breath comes to your face, as if the sea breeze gently slides across your cheeks, giving you a comfortable and refreshing feeling. The BOLD contrast of ice blue and peony white really brightens people's eyes. The room layout in this early summer is no longer monotonous because of its beauty

the simple horizontal stripes are integrated into the dense and orderly design level, adding a bit of fashion sense to the overall shape, and the simple and extraordinary temperament is revealed. According to the relevant person in charge of Qimei, this sliding door kit is a popular product in the recent exhibition. Super high popularity comes from manufacturers and consumers at home and abroad

as a "God of war" product, the biggest highlight of this product lies in its unique color contrast effect and the smooth skin feeling covered by aluminum. Different from the unchanging color matching, "ice blue + peony white" not only publicizes personality, but also elegant and fashionable, so that the current personalized needs can be perfectly released! When Xiaobian reaches out and touches it, the skin feeling film wrapped in aluminum is as smooth and flawless as the skin of a newborn baby, and the zero degree pure touch makes people amazing! These two highlights are also the attractiveness of this product

the same Mediterranean style, the same "ice blue + elegant white" collocation, but in the strict control of details, created a different style. The simple line design without losing details and the small "Hui" shape decoration mean that going home is extremely warm and wonderful, which is also the emotional destination of each of us

seen from a distance, the pure and elegant white plastic sliding door creates a simple and elegant space atmosphere, and it seems that there is an attraction that makes people can't help approaching slowly, looking for more hidden surprises

here, there is neither too much color embellishment nor complicated line design, but only an elegant style and the pursuit of noble life sentiment. The selection of advanced blister board makes all shapes more handy. I believe that the designer must also be an elegant teacher. Only by leaving a pure heart in the noisy city can we create such a simple but extraordinary product

the large elegant white took us away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown, immersed in leisure and comfort like a paradise, and cleverly demonstrated the extraordinary noble life taste of the host family. Here, we have all become elegant people who pursue the quality of life. We all covet its beauty and carefully create a beautiful environment

fine carving lines with high-end silver hot tracing make the overall shape more delicate and three-dimensional, and instantly improve the product grade! This seems to be a fully plastic sliding door product, which is perfectly embedded in the aluminum alloy frame. The small editor can't be identified by the naked eye alone. Only after touching and tapping can you see the mystery

when stepping into this classic retro space, Xiaobian seemed to enter a gorgeous dance, and his heart couldn't help playing a happy and elegant melody. In this carefully crafted elegant feast, we obtained excellent visual enjoyment, and the elegant temperament showed its beautiful "everyone style"

the fashion trend is always repeated, and the nostalgic and retro style is once again at the forefront of fashion. And its beautiful paint obsolescence really caters to the current trend of design style, walking in the forefront of fashion and "playing" luxury. No wonder so many high-end consumers fall in love with this extreme elegance

are many people like Xiaobian, looking at it, thinking that all the "luxury" here are made of solid wood? In fact, these seemingly all solid wood boards are only high-quality density boards! The reason why we can create such a high-end and gorgeous solid wood effect perfectly depends on the paint aging process used on the PVC film

there is an elegance reflected in the ubiquitous details. Its beautiful paint aging is properly controlled in color spraying, and the appropriate color matching of depth and depth makes the retro effect more realistic; The unique shape of Roman capitals has become the highlight of the overall shape





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