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Optimize your lifestyle with insight and ask for a better life with quality

on April 17, with the theme of "insight into lifestyle and building quality Habitat", the fully decorated housing innovation forum, which is jointly attended by national well-known real estate enterprises, leading enterprises of housing components and professional research authorities of habitat lifestyle, kicked off in Shanghai. Hengjie, as a special guest, delivered a keynote speech at the forum, sharing "good life" quality bathroom solutions with entrepreneurs, experts and design gurus from all over the country

the fully decorated residential innovation forum, hosted by China Architectural Decoration Association and co organized by the residential components industry branch of China Architectural Decoration Association, aims to target the pain points of the industry, provide research and analysis of public lifestyles for the whole industrial chain, reconstruct the collaborative mode of industrial chain resources driven by humanized and functional innovative design, explore solutions for industrialized interior decoration upgrading, and provide a quality living environment that meets consumer needs, Improve the market value of fully decorated housing

pursue the harmonious coexistence of people, products and space

Wang Huimin, Secretary General of the operation and Management Committee of China Real Estate Association, and Chen Li, President of Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, attended the forum to support. Wang Huimin especially pointed out that we should pay attention to the application of smart home products in finished houses, because smart home is a development direction in the future, and safety, convenience and environmental protection are also important components of quality life

other leaders and guests also brought in-depth sharing. They regarded whether to effectively meet functional needs and residential comfort as the decisive factors for consumers to judge the quality of human settlements. Truly good products should be able to integrate harmoniously into the space and creatively meet the needs of users

Hengjie advocates: insight into life calls for new daily life

as the representative of the leading sanitary ware enterprise, hezhiyuan, Hengjie brand director, delivered a speech at the forum. Hezhiyuan pointed out that authoritative third-party research data showed that the post-80s and post-90s generation, as the mainstream consumer group, all want to have a "home that they can't make do with"! Keeping beauty in daily life and finding unusual beauty in the habit are the life state that mainstream consumers yearn for at present

as an important part of home space, bathroom also contains consumers' strong demand for improving a better life. In this increasingly new era, mainstream bathroom brands should have an insight into the market. Their focus should be to make products that understand the deep needs of consumers and call on their daily life. Only in this way can they produce products with temperature design and humanistic atmosphere - they can integrate more consideration and care for consumers and create the best user experience





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