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Zhenhua heavy industry signed an order for saturation diving support ships with Singapore

Zhenhua heavy industry signed an order for saturation diving support ships with Singapore

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Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Co., Ltd. recently announced that it had signed a supply contract for "1+1" saturation diving support ships with Singapore UDS company, with a total price of nearly US $200million each

this is the second saturated diving support ship order obtained by Zhenhua heavy industry after winning the bid for a Greek saturated diving support ship in July this year, which is of great significance for Zhenhua heavy industry to establish its leading position in this kind of high-end marine engineering support ship market

saturation diving support vessel is a high-end equipment among offshore support vessels, which is widely used in seabed construction operations, underwater resource exploration, search and rescue operations and other fields. Machinery manufacturers in Asia and the Pacific can obtain the advantage of fast delivery. The saturation diving support ship has a total length of 142.9 meters, a shape width of 27 meters, a shape depth of 11 meters, a saturation diving depth of 300 meters, a maximum operating depth of 40 meters, and gradually expands the field of utilization of cutting-edge new materials to 00 meters. It has been registered with det Norske Veritas. The ship is equipped with a fully automatic double bell saturation diving system, which can carry 18 divers to carry out saturation diving with a maximum underwater depth of 300 meters in batches

it is reported that the "1+1" saturated diving support ship signed by Zhenhua heavy industry and Singapore UDS company is planned to be delivered for use in 2017 to increase taxes and employment of college students. "In this supply contract, the customer will exercise the option according to the provisions of the contract to decide whether to build the second ship mentioned in the contract

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