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On November 28, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Changzhou paint Co., Ltd. held the latest technology exhibition activity of "let China know ZPMC paint, let the world know ZPMC paint", comprehensively displaying the company's new products in the oil paint industry in recent years

in recent years, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Changzhou paint Co., Ltd. has always been guided by the market demand, combined with its own technical advantages, and constantly put forward new PP door panels to promote industrial upgrading. In 2006, the world's leading long-life fluorocarbon topcoat (zp136) was independently developed. It has high compactness, high weather resistance, high color and light retention, and has an effective anti-corrosion period of more than 20 years. It is widely used in marine engineering, port machinery, ships, bridges and other fields. 2. Replacing different fixtures has comprehensively improved the performance of industrial products. Zp136 fluorocarbon finish paint has passed the inspection of the National Paint Quality Supervision and inspection center and Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute. After 5000 hours of artificial climate aging test, the gloss loss rate is only 5%, the gloss loss is grade I, the color change is grade I, there is no chalking, and the paint film is free of blistering, rust, cracking and falling off. In addition, the fluorocarbon topcoat also has a self-cleaning function, which makes it difficult for dust and dirt to adhere to the surface, and the paint film is as bright as new after being washed by rain

at present, zp136 fluorocarbon topcoat has been successively used in Lianyungang, Taipei Port, Yangshan Port, Dalian port, the world's No. 1 CNOOC 7500 ton full swing "Lanjing" floating crane, Korea SamSung group 8000t floating crane, CNOOC 1200t crane pipe laying vessel, Spanish oil drilling platform and other large-scale projects. The product quality and application effect have been highly praised by users and supervisors

in 2003 and 2008, the marine coating theme group of Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Changzhou paint Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching Wuxi self polishing antifouling paint (Patent No

in October, 2008, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Changzhou paint Co., Ltd. occupied the commanding height of the industry and independently formulated the industry standard "technical conditions for anti-corrosion coating on the surface of port mechanical steel structures", which made up for the gap in the anti-corrosion standard for the coating of port mechanical steel structures at home and abroad, standardized and led the development of the whole heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating industry

in more than 20 years, the company has successfully developed nearly 100 new products. ZPMC industrial paint has provided high-quality heavy-duty anti-corrosion protection for more than 2000 port machinery. Its products have spread to more than 120 ports in 71 countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Panama, Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Guangzhou, etc

at the exhibition, the participants also visited the production workshop of Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Changzhou paint Co., Ltd; At the subsequent exchange meeting, the customer inquired about C. requirements for fixture structure: their own questions, and Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Changzhou paint Co., Ltd. answered them one by one

in order to revitalize the national industry and improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry group requires Changzhou base to expand the market as soon as possible, increase production capacity, strengthen research and development based on independent innovation, and strive for a world famous brand, so that the packaging materials, 5 gold, components, panels, circuit boards, sponges, fabrics and other materials of "ZPMC paint has truly become the first heavy anti-corrosion paint brand in China" have increased significantly

lingguangyao, deputy head of Wujin District, attended the event

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