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Microsoft Windows Embedded standard 7 hands-on laboratory national open experience day activity

China industrial control information Microsoft Windows Embedded standard 7 hands-on laboratory national open experience day activity

according to the latest prediction of Artemis plan, the global number of embedded devices will exceed 16 billion in 2010 and 40 billion in 2020. By 2014, 100million devices will be embedded with 3G and 4G technologies. Facing such a huge and potential user demand, Microsoft successfully released Windows Embedded CE 1.0 in November 1996, and has officially entered the embedded product market since then. Since then, Microsoft has gradually expanded a full range of embedded operating systems, enabling developers to build the next generation of 32-bit devices through a series of products, which provide toolsets and development platforms for devices with different space consumption. From portable ultrasonic detectors to GPS devices, from ATMs to devices supporting large construction machinery, thousands of embedded devices are built using Windows Embedded products. With comprehensive features, easy-to-use tools, free assessment kits, and access to large community support networks, Windows Embedded helps accelerate product launch and reduce development costs

as one of the seven major enterprise products of Microsoft, Microsoft Embedded series products have been vigorously developed and widely used in China, becoming the next important business growth point of Microsoft and the industry. With the successful release of Windows 7, the latest generation of embedded system built by Microsoft based on Windows 7 technology, which many people think is an incredible system, Windows Embedded standard 7, is about to be released

recently, in order to enable more embedded technology enthusiasts to quickly master 4. After computer software is online, it occasionally prompts the online limit information. With the latest technology of Microsoft Windows Embedded, with the help of high-quality learning resources provided by Microsoft and its global embedded partner Huaqing vision, Microsoft has cooperated with Huaqing vision windows embedded experts to save their precious time, and at the same time, save as much time as possible the cumbersome configuration environment, Microsoft Embedded hands-on lab national open experience day activities were launched in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to experience the wonderful world brought by Windows Embedded with you

one platform, infinite possibilities

location and time of the event

tips: each venue is limited to 30 people per event. Please make an appointment in advance, thank you

activity time: (please look forward to the schedule of follow-up activities)

● [Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen] April 17, 2010, 2:00 p.m. 4:30

● [Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen] may 08, 2010, 2:00 p.m. 4:30

● [Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen] May 22, 2010, 2:00 p.m. 4:30

● [Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen] June 05, 2010, 2:00 pm 4:30

● [Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen] June 19, 2010, 2:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m.


Beijing railway station: 3/F, block C, Zhongguancun Financial Intelligence Building, Haidian District, Beijing

Shanghai railway station: No. 801, block a, Yinhai building, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Shenzhen railway station: 3/F, Jintang building, Caiwuwei, Baoan South Road, Luohu, Shenzhen

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to explain the standard development process of the demonstration Windows Embedded standard system on site, and lead you to do it yourself Experience the image construction of Windows Embedded standard system together

Meng Yang: Senior Lecturer of Huaqing vision, master of Beihang. He has many years of experience in embedded Linux system, driver development and windows CE system/driver development. At present, he is mainly committed to the development and research of embedded underlying system software. Familiar with S3C2410, S3C2440, ep93xx, PXA255, 270 and other processors. Be familiar with the software and hardware development process and methods of embedded system based on ARM architecture, and have a deep understanding and rich experience in the development of windows ce/linux driver for arm. He has experience in planning, R & D and mass production of a variety of embedded products, and his product customers include GPS navigation, automotive electronics, information intelligent appliances, consumer electronics and other industries. There are rich training in embedded Linux system, driver development and windows CE system/driver development, and the products have been tested in the middle and low-end links for a long time

Deng Tao: Senior Lecturer of Huaqing vision, lecturer of Microsoft global certification, has rich practical experience in embedded development, and is a well-known expert in the industry. He once worked in the BSP core team of multinational well-known semiconductor enterprises and has worked in the United States for many years. Ten years of experience in linux/wince system research and project development, long-term engaged in the research and development of bootloader, device driver, system transplantation and kernel based on linux/wince system, familiar with the software and hardware development process and method of embedded system based on ARM architecture. Rich experience in training and teaching

Qin Jiahao: with many years of embedded development experience, he has developed portable PND system, vehicle gps+dvd system and multimedia playback system with wince on a variety of arm platforms. Proficient in winCE4.2, WINCE5.0, wince6.0 driver and bootload development. He has developed memory drivers, including nandflash, card driver, USB driver, WiFi driver, communication driver, display driver, input driver, power driver, Bluetooth driver, FM transmit and receive driver. He has senior R & D experience in platforms S3C44B0, S3C2410, Atlas 3, NEC, telecommunications, Panasonic, etc. He has rich experience in hardware debugging and productization, presides over the research and development of several successful products on the market, and is proficient in database theory and programming

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