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On the morning of July 10, sina science and Technology News reported that yesterday, the report conference of "the cornerstone of the future - the social ethics and role of artificial intelligence" hosted by the China Development Research Foundation was held in Beijing. The press conference was presided over by Lu Mai, Secretary General of the China Development Research Foundation. Bradsmith, President of the company, and Xue LAN, Dean of the school of public administration of Tsinghua University were invited to have an exchange and dialogue on relevant issues

live dialogue between Secretary General Lumai, bradsmith and Xue LAN

at present, there are two views on the rise of artificial intelligence, one is "enthusiastic embrace theory", the other is "artificial intelligence threat theory". As for how to treat these two views, bradsmith, President of Microsoft, believes that there is generally no problem because the rise of artificial intelligence will have a certain impact on jobs. Some jobs will disappear, and new jobs will be created. The most important thing is that people can master new skills and cultivate the concept of lifelong learning and continuous learning. Xue Lan said that whether the development of science and technology will pose a threat to human survival depends on whether there is an adaptive way of governance to deal with it. Facing the development of artificial intelligence, we should shake hands warmly and hug cautiously

talking about the opportunities and benefits that AI will bring to politics, economy and society, bradsmith said that AI can help us solve some of the biggest challenges facing mankind, such as precision medicine, precision agriculture, etc. At Microsoft, there is an alforearth project that combines artificial intelligence with important undertakings such as climate change, water conservation and biodiversity to develop environmental science. Xue LAN agrees with this. He believes that AI technology can bring great benefits to people in developing countries, poor mountainous areas and many villages, especially in medical treatment

when people are still feeling the great impact of artificial intelligence on human traditional thinking, Microsoft has put forward six basic principles for developing artificial intelligence from the perspective of enterprises. Referring to the thinking behind Microsoft, bradsmith said that the six basic principles of AI put forward by Microsoft - fairness, reliability and security, privacy and confidentiality, inclusiveness, transparency and responsibility - are to ensure that AI can be used in an ethical way. Microsoft believes that to design a reliable artificial intelligence, we must adopt a solution that reflects moral principles. While giving computers greater power, we also need to guide them with social ethics. Xue Lan said that in the future, AI needs a set of information governance mechanism to find a reasonable balance between using information and protecting privacy, of which the company is very critical. The six principles proposed by Microsoft can be applied to more companies. The cross-border governance machine can be used in municipal, water conservancy, chemical, metallurgical, coal, and shipbuilding projects. The fastener mechanics testing system needs to be promoted as soon as possible

under the tide of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has become an opportunity and challenge faced by all mankind. Therefore, global cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence has become an inevitable trend. Bradsmith said that Microsoft hopes to popularize AI and make it universal so that everyone and every organization can benefit from AI. Specifically, it is to provide different AI technologies to developers through independent Microsoft cognitive service APIs, such as voice, natural language translation, computer vision, and machine learning. Any customer can use the API they want through licensing arrangements, and then develop their own AI products or services, so as to truly put AI into every industry, To promote the use of artificial intelligence technology requires the global integration of mechanical processing of the parts at high temperatures

facing the great changes and impacts brought by the new round of technology, the biggest challenge facing AI is not technology, but the people who design, develop and use technology. The establishment of principles, policies and laws for the negative use of AI is a common challenge facing the whole society and mankind, which requires the joint efforts of the government, academia, enterprises and other stakeholders. (Xinling)

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