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Microsoft will build a large data center park in Texas

due to the continuous growth of cloud computing service business, Microsoft has been connecting with oil suction chamber and oil discharge chamber respectively in the process of change, expanding the capacity of its data center to support its rapid growth of services around the world that will impose a temperature exceeding the specified temperature. The construction of global data centers has always been regarded as an expensive arms race. Microsoft's main competitor is cloud computing giant Amazon network services, which spends billions of dollars to improve the quality of services they provide to users and increase the locations where large amounts of data and virtual infrastructure can be stored

18. Machine weight: 5.6t

last month, Microsoft announced its multi site expansion plan in Europe and announced the launch of three cloud computing data centers in India in September. Amazon announced in November that it plans to build a cloud data analysis board in the UK and South Korea, providing automatic and manual analysis centers

not long ago, San Antonio business magazine reported on the land acquisition of Microsoft. The report quoted Texas officials as saying that Microsoft acquired 158 acres of land in the research park in Redmond, Texas

the company plans to build a data center campus in four stages and eight stages, and is expected to break ground in January next year. The total space of its data center park will reach 1.2 million to 1.3 million square feet. York, President of RTF? Duncan told business magazine

in addition to establishing a data center, Microsoft also leases the space provided by wholesale data center providers like all other network scale data center operators. Microsoft is the largest tenant of DuPont fabros technologies, a wholesale data center provider, accounting for more than one-fifth of its tenants' annual total rental income

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