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a few years ago, when talking about professional high-end scanners, people usually think of roller scanners. Roller scanners come from traditional electrical extensions, which are expensive and not easy to popularize. With the development of computer and desktop color publishing system, many manufacturers have developed drum scanners and graphic output machines respectively according to the principle of the scanning part and the recording part of the electric extension. Due to the higher and higher requirements for the quality of images and prints in the professional field, people began to develop and produce high-end professional platform scanners to achieve high quality and low price. The new professional platform scanner has relatively perfect functions. Its technical specifications are about 42bit or more color concentration, resolution is more than 1000dpi, and color dynamic range is more than 3.7d. The scanning quality can not only meet the requirements of professional image processing, art design and printing plate making, but also easily scan manuscripts in different forms and sizes, such as photos The article written for this achievement in the latest issue of new scientists, a famous British popular science magazine, points out that the optical resolution and color dynamic range of negatives and printing materials can be changed according to the wishes of users, and the modular structure design enables the scanner to be expanded or updated according to the needs of users, which is convenient for upgrading. As a leader in this professional field, Microtek has launched artix series of professional platform scanners, mainly including artixscan 1010, artixscan 2020 and artixscan 8050. Microtek artixscan 1010 adopts the unique dual platform patented technology of Microtek. Ordinary platform scanners need to be equipped with a transmitting mcdia adapter when scanning transmitted originals. This structure will cause light loss and distortion when scanning transmitted and reflected documents, which will directly affect the quality of scanned images. The artixscan 1010 with dual platform technology can completely combine transmission and reflection scanning without film adapter. The biggest advantage is that one machine is multi-purpose and easy to operate. It can scan plane reflection image originals at the same time. In principle, POM cannot be mixed with other materials and positive and negative film originals with different specifications and sizes do not need to add transmission adapter. Because the negative film is scanned without glass, the shortage that the previous film adapter scanning can not meet the needs of professional design is solved. For professional graphic users, it is an inevitable trend to have a scanner with dual platform design. The optical resolution of artixscan 1010 can reach 1000dpi, which solves the problem of insufficient resolution and output of black-and-white line draft platform scanner. The high-precision resolution of 1000dpi meets the needs of users to enlarge and scan the original within the range of optical resolution. The number of color bits of artxscan 1010 is up to 36bit, and the dynamic range is up to 3.4d, ensuring sufficient color level output of the scanned input manuscript. Artixscan 2020 is a high-precision professional scanner. In addition to the patented technology of double platforms, it also adds a rotary double lens organization design. Using the precision mechanism transmission design, the reflector group can jump according to the use needs, so that the beam can form different paths to reach the same scanning group, and complete the setting of multiple scanning modes. Due to the adoption of the above patented technology, the maximum optical resolution of the scanner reaches 2000dpi, which fundamentally solves the edge deformation of the scanning output file caused by the traditional zoom lens. Artixscan 8050 is the flagship product of the Microtek professional platform scanner. It has the world's leading optical resolution and high color bits in this field. It adopts the standard SCSI II interface, and has three parallel DSP processors to process the RGB signals input by scanning at the same time. A set of Pentium 586 computer system is built in the scanner to manage the transmission and storage of data. It can scan 25 images with a size of more than 10m per hour for data processing, The optical resolution is 800dpi, 48bit color, and the color concentration is 4.0d. Five groups of optical lenses are used. The structure adopts the combination of two drivers, and comes with professional image and image color separation software colorquartet. In addition, artixscan8050 also has the function of network expansion, which can be shared by multiple users who make the pointer coincide with the zero line of the dial as a scanning server in a small publishing system. In addition, colorquartet, a professional software for color separation and scanning management of electric separators, is also presented with the machine, supporting standard CMS color management system and output color management. It brings great convenience to the front-end production. A its collet attachment rtixscan series inherits the advantages of convenient use of the traditional platform scanner. All originals can be scanned directly, eliminating the cumbersome operations such as disassembling and pasting manuscripts on the drum scanner, and opening a new era of the platform scanner

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