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Microsoft will provide local cloud services for government customers

on Monday, local time, Microsoft announced the launch of a new service that will soon allow government customers to run azure cloud services on their own servers, which is part of the company's efforts to readjust its product line and compete more effectively with rivals Amazon and Google under alphabet

many customers of wechat directly buy a new replacement in the market after the sensor of the torque tester has faults and problems, and use it directly after installing it without revision; This is incorrect After replacing the sensor of torque testing machine, its accuracy should be calibrated with standard weight or ring dynamometer; The error should be controlled within the standard range instead of changing it Tom Keane, head of soft azure global infrastructure, said that this new service will be launched in mid-2018 to attract government departments and relevant institutions that have demand for local servers

azure stack is Microsoft's localized cloud product, and azure gove rnment is now Microsoft's customized cloud product for government departments. Microsoft integrates azure stack and azure government to better compete with Amazon and compete for major customers in the public domain

according to the market research company canalys, in the fourth quarter of 2017, Amazon cloud services (AWS) dominated the market, with a market share of 3% and a perfect industrial supporting system of 2%, while Microsoft ranked second with a 14% share. 3. After selecting the desired experimental method

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