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Microsoft plans to build an artificial intelligence web conference platform and invite external developers to "enter the pit"

in order to improve the experience of web conference and enable enterprise employees to better communicate, Microsoft began to seek help from external programmers

in March this year, Microsoft launched a team chat service platform for the workplace environment. Facing the siege of competitive platforms such as Google, slack and Facebook, in order to further improve the service experience of the teams platform, Microsoft announced several ways to let third-party developers participate in the construction of platform applications last Wednesday

at the Microsoft build 2017 conference held in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft CEO satyanadner said that corporate meetings are not over. After each meeting, employees need to do a lot of follow-up work

NADELLA believes that Microsoft's office 365 tool suite is promising in a series of processes such as pre conference preparation, conference planning and post conference follow-up, such as its calendar application. NADELLA pays special attention to Microsoft's teams application, because it can be said to be a door for people to participate in online meetings

however, it is difficult for Microsoft to build all the functions of the expected teams platform by itself, so it needs the help of external programmers to fill this gap. NADELLA suggested that developers use Microsoft's m-graph database to build commercial applications of the teams platform. The data in this database can map the relationship between Microsoft users, as well as their devices, working habits and Microsoft software used

NADELLA said that by building a Microsoft based folk oft graph database, what is industry 4.0? With programs, developers can create services that can run on a variety of devices (such as and PC). In this way, users can better grasp their work tasks at any time

Laura Jones, product marketing manager of Microsoft, then demonstrated a hypothetical teams application based on Microsoft graph, which can run on a variety of devices. It also uses data from LinkedIn, a professional social network (LinkedIn is also a Microsoft company). Even when users are driving, they can participate in network meetings through this application


teams application is also connected to Microsoft's voice digital assistant Xiaona. Therefore, Jones can issue instructions to Xiao Na through Microsoft's UN officially released link speaker invoke, check the upcoming meetings in the calendar application, and set up automatic replies, etc

Jones also said that the app can also send reminders to her through her Microsoft Xbox game console or even her car computer. In this way, it can be said that work has penetrated into all aspects of her life

with this experience, I can turn almost any device into a working device. Jones said. Structural health monitoring (SHM) and self-healing materials are the main uses of smart composites in the aerospace industry# At the Microsoft build conference, Microsoft teams and graph services also appeared on the stage

Louis Bertram (@darkicebeam). At the meeting on May 10, 2017, Jones also showed how to use the teams platform to hold multi person meetings. This function is somewhat similar to hangouts, Google's newly improved business chat and video application. In addition, she also asked teams' chat robot to retrieve the work information of a participating designer

finally, Jones also said that programmers will be able to use Microsoft speech recognition technology based on artificial intelligence to automatically translate conference content into the language of my choice

of course, this is just a concept presentation. But it also describes to us what Microsoft sees as the future of workplace interaction

however, if Microsoft wants enough developers to willingly build these functions for it and work for it according to its ideas, it needs to do more than a fancy display

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