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Microsoft releases new azure functions from intelligent cloud to intelligent edge

released before Microsoft build conference

Microsoft insists on building the most productive platform for developers to master the latest computing trends

Microsoft released a series of new azure services and developer technologies on Thursday to help developers master advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, hybrid reality, IOT and blockchain. The company will also share more new features of hybrid cloud and edge computing at the Microsoft build conference to support developers

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft cloud and Artificial Intelligence Division, said: developers are ushering in a golden age. From integrating artificial intelligence and hybrid reality into applications to using blockchain to solve business problems, the skills and influence of developers are also growing rapidly. Today, we bring more innovative azure services to developers to build next-generation applications. At present, 95% of the Fortune 500 enterprises in the world are using azure, so these innovations will have a far-reaching impact

strengthen Microsoft's commitment to build the most productive artificial intelligence platform

Microsoft has released a new set of azure artificial intelligence technology to help developers and data scientists use artificial intelligence for any solution

azure cognitive service enables applications to add abilities of seeing, listening, responding, translating, reasoning and more. Microsoft is about to launch a new cognitive service category - decision, which will provide clear suggestions for concept car users based on the 2013 model year "fusion" to help them make smarter and more efficient decisions. Decision making services include content moderator, anomaly detector recently launched, and a new service called personalizer, which uses reinforcement learning to provide clear suggestions for users to make quick and wise decisions

based on the universal availability of cognitive search function, Microsoft introduced artificial intelligence into azure search, allowing users to obtain new ideas from structured and unstructured content with the help of cognitive service algorithms. In addition, Microsoft has launched a preview of a new feature that allows developers to store AI ideas obtained in cognitive search, making it easier to create knowledge rich experiences using power Bi visualization or machine learning models

the new innovative function of azure machine learning simplifies the process of building, training and deploying machine learning models:

with the mlops function of azure Devops integration, it provides developers with the reproducibility, auditability and automation of the end-to-end machine learning life cycle

automated machine learning has been improved, and the user interface is more intuitive, making it easier to develop high-quality models

the visual machine learning interface provides a new experience of creating and deploying codeless models by dragging and dropping

in order to realize reasoning operations with ultra-low latency and high cost performance, Microsoft will release the hardware acceleration model running on FPGA chips and provide onnx runtime support for NVIDIA tensorrt and Intel ngraph, so as to realize high-speed reasoning operations on NVIDIA and Intel chipsets

expand smart edge opportunities

Microsoft also released more new products and solutions today to continue to meet the existing and emerging needs of hybrid cloud and edge computing:

Microsoft released azure SQL database edge to support various edge computing needs. As a SQL Engine, azure SQL database edge optimizes scenarios with low computing requirements with built-in artificial intelligence, and integrates data streaming, machine learning in the database, and graphics functions to achieve edge intelligence. Azure SQL database edge adopts the same programming interface as azure SQL database and SQL server, so developers can easily bring applications to the edge without learning new tools and languages, so that the choice in a software should be fully consistent with the actual sensor model;; Check whether the calibration or calibration function of the software is used before the problem occurs; Check whether the calibration value, calibration value or other information in hardware parameters have been manually changed; Restart the main motor source of the experimental machine and check whether the software is a normal programming experience

Microsoft also released IOT plug and play, a new open modeling language that can seamlessly connect IOT devices to the cloud, helping developers solve one of the biggest challenges they face, that is, large-scale deployment of IOT solutions. Before that, developers should write software specially according to the connected devices that need to be supported, which greatly limits the scale of IOT deployment. IOT plug and play provides customers with a large ecosystem composed of partner certified devices, and all devices can be quickly connected

in the field of mixed reality development, Microsoft launched the development version of hololens 2, which makes it easier for people to develop mixed reality content for holole, whose smooth functions and results are also greatly reduced. This development version provides the mixed reality developer community with access to solutions to help them build and run mixed reality experiences between different devices

before the end of May, phantom engine 4 will officially support the streaming playback and native platform integration of hololens 2, so that developers can create high-quality and ultra realistic picture rendering effects, as well as immersive mixed reality experience, bringing richer solutions to the construction, product design and manufacturing industries, making the pressure in the compressor system too high

double investment to make blockchain better support developers

last year, Microsoft released azure blockchain workbench, which allows developers to model blockchain applications on the preconfigured azure network through a simple user interface. Today, Microsoft released more progress on this feature

azure blockchain service simplifies the composition, management and governance of the alliance blockchain network, allowing enterprises to focus on workflow logic and application development. Azure blockchain service deploys a fully hosted alliance network and provides built-in governance functions for common management tasks, such as adding new members, setting permissions, and verifying user applications

Microsoft announced this week that the Ethereum platform quorum of JPMorgan Chase has become the first ledger platform in azure blockchain services, enabling customers of both sides to deploy and manage scalable blockchain networks in the cloud

more than 6000 developers and content creators will gather in Seattle next week to participate in Microsoft build conference, learn about the latest progress of Microsoft cloud and developer technology, and gain rich hands-on experience. The series of updates announced today aims to provide developers with the most cutting-edge tools to help them create a new generation of applications that harness the smart cloud and smart edge. Next week's Microsoft build conference will bring more highlights

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT @microsoft) is committed to achieving digital transformation in the era of Intelligent Cloud and intelligent edge, and has made remarkable achievements for everyone and every organization in the world

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