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Microsoft will provide the latest azure cloud service for IOT

ctiforum news on April 17 (Li Wenjie): Microsoft is about to provide a new cloud service called Microsoft azure intelligent systems service to help users capture and manage data generated from sensors and devices. Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, announced a partial preview of the service if there is a value on the counter at the data focused customer conference held in San Francisco on April 15

enterprises will be able to use Microsoft's data analysis tools to capture and analyze data from this service, such as HD insight, azure Hadoop services, power Bi business intelligence services

Microsoft's embedded business is now internally known as the IOT team. At the Microsoft build 2014 developer conference in early April, Microsoft executives talked about the plan to let azure manage IOT devices

but this new azure intelligent systems service manages not only windows based devices, but also devices running other operating systems

the official website of Microsoft describes this service like this:

this azure service provides agents and open source agent software to support heterogeneous operating systems and cross lob asset agreements, and eliminates the barriers of customized solutions that take several months to implement and may have limitations in supporting various environments that will form a great environmental infection environment. The result is a more comprehensive and faster solution that accelerates adoption and creates enterprise value. This is a unique approach to solutions with enterprise level security features developed and supported by Microsoft

it is convenient to carry out batch experiments in wechat; At the soft data insight conference, Microsoft officially announced another new product called analytics platform system (APS). APS combines SQL server and Hadoop into a single product, which Microsoft calls big data in the box

aps is the evolution of Microsoft's existing SQL Server parallel data warehouse products. Now it supports query capabilities across traditional data warehouses and data storage in Hadoop areas, whether on devices or in separate Hadoop clusters

NADELLA said that the purpose of this conference is an opportunity to explain the content of Microsoft's cloud first and mobile first strategy in terms of data platform

NADELLA told the participants that SQL Server was already a $5billion business for us. The last time we heard the data, SQL pressed the [correction] button, and server was a $1billion business for Microsoft at that time. Update: Microsoft officially confirmed that as of last fiscal quarter, SQL Server had been a $5billion business. NADELLA also pointed out that excel is now the most common tool for processing data

NADELLA uses a word he seems to like very much, environmental intelligence, to describe Microsoft's plan to try to deal with and make use of the data generated by more and more intelligent devices. He said that the way users use this data energy will be to use a data platform or environmental intelligence platform. At one end of the platform are office applications, such as Excel, and at the other end are SQL server and Hadoop

at this conference, many Microsoft executives presented the latest Microsoft products, including powerbi for office 365 and SQL Server 2014, including the embedded hekaton memory transaction processing technology

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