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With the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, there is no need to gossip about the packaging of moon cakes

with the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the sales of moon cakes in Xi'an market has reached the peak stage expected by manufacturers. The well-known brands in the moon cake market, such as Miqi, ANQI, Xi'an restaurant, Jingjing, laosunjia, Haolilai and tangle palace, have formed a competitive situation of competing for the best. The size has a direct impact on the deviation of the final result. Pedestrians carrying moon cake gift boxes to visit relatives and friends can also be seen everywhere in the streets of Xi'an. However, the gradual emergence of the gift trend of moon cakes in the market, and even the emergence of all kinds of luxury packaged moon cakes, have caused consumers' criticism to varying degrees

then, what is the manufacturer's consideration for the launch of this luxury moon cake, what is the mentality of consumers towards the gift of moon cakes and this kind of luxury moon cake, and how about the sales of this kind of moon cake in the market? On September 20, this newspaper investigated the moon cake market in Xi'an with these questions

at 10 a.m., I came to the Xi'an restaurant located in the East Street of Xi'an. The booth in the hall was filled with all kinds of moon cakes with exquisite packaging and different flavors, including the exhibition area of loose moon cakes and boxed moon cakes. The whole hall was crowded with people, showing a prosperous atmosphere of purchase and sales. However, we can see that there are only a few customers in front of the booth of loose mooncakes, while many customers in front of the booth of boxed mooncakes are choosing mooncakes that meet their needs. Mr. Li, who is shopping for moon cakes, said, "bulk moon cakes are mainly used for eating at home. Now I'm not in a hurry to buy them. Boxed moon cakes are used to give them to relatives and friends, so I'm in a hurry to choose a few boxes." Q: "what do you think of the emergence of this gift box moon cake in the market?" Without thinking, Mr. Li replied, "it's very good, very convenient. In the past, moon cakes were just a kind of food in a simple sense. Now they are packed in gift boxes, which not only retains the customs of traditional festivals, but also provides a new way for relatives and friends to contact, friendship and convey emotions." Then he asked, "do you think it's a luxury to have thousands of yuan of luxurious moon cakes?" Mr. Li replied, "it's hard to say, but I think since the manufacturer can launch this kind of moon cake, someone must have bought it!"

in the hall of Xi'an restaurant, we also saw the "golden autumn gift box" luxury moon cakes with a price of 1580 yuan. According to the salesperson, this mooncake gift box includes m2 of white lotus seed and double yellow mooncakes with sauce skin - the mass of the test pieces (including fixtures and mounting screws) (kg), 1 dried scallop moon cake with sauce skin, 1 spicy beef moon cake with sauce skin and 2 shark fin moon cakes with sauce skin, 1 set of tea props and 1 barrel of tea. Although the price is relatively expensive, the sales volume is good. At present, more than 100 boxes have been sold. In the backyard of Xi'an restaurant, I saw full boxes of moon cakes ready to be sent everywhere. Manager Yang Zhenzhong of the marketing department said that the sales of moon cakes this year was very good. Later, he would personally send a batch of moon cakes to Baoji market

At 11:30, I came to Miqi Food Co., Ltd., the largest moon cake manufacturer in Northwest China. Here, I interviewed liwenyu, general manager of Miqi company, about the market positioning of luxury moon cakes and the target customer groups targeted by manufacturers before product development. President Li said that the launch of any kind of product must be divided into high and low grades, just like Mercedes Benz's customers are aristocrats and big bosses, and Xiali is for the working class. However, in general, moon cake manufacturers must first aim at the mass consumer group. The proportion of luxury moon cakes is very small, and the launch of luxury moon cakes is a prudent decision made after the company's research. They believe that there are a number of such customers in the market who deliberately develop them, not for the purpose of exaggeration or making gimmicks as some consumers imagine. As for the pricing of luxury moon cakes, it includes not only the brand value formed by our enterprise for a long time, but also the value of the included gifts. For example, the "Shengshi classic" gift box launched this year, worth 1998 yuan, includes three abalone XO moon cakes, three shark fin moon cakes, one bottle of Hennessy XO and two boxes of tea. Through this kind of moon cake gift box, which not only conforms to traditional customs, but also reflects a certain value, it connects friendship and reposes emotion. It is a choice in line with market economy for modern people

through the investigation, we learned that the gift of moon cakes has been basically recognized by most consumers in modern society. Although the emergence of luxury moon cakes has caused controversy, if we stand in a macro and long-term perspective, we will find that this is actually a market behavior of enterprises to meet economic development and customer needs. If someone buys it, someone sells it, as long as this behavior does not violate the provisions of the law and social order and good customs, Moreover, it has stimulated domestic demand and promoted economic growth to a certain extent, so we should not criticize this behavior. At the same time, through the phenomenon of mid autumn moon cakes, people should also overcome the misunderstanding of traditional concepts, such as: too high grade and too high price will be separated from mass consumption, and high-end gift content will not only affect the beauty of the car body, but also pose a potential safety hazard; According to the organizational composition of plastic, it is easy to promote the gift giving atmosphere and breed corruption. In fact, if we find that there is looseness, in the context of our sound and vigorous promotion of the market economy, to some extent, we should promote and encourage this practice in line with the market law, expand the moon cake, enliven the market, so that people at different levels of consumption can share the beauty of the full moon on the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival

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