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Shanghai medium term: Jiao midday comment 0109

at present, the fundamentals of glue are positive, and the technical indicators of glue are still relatively important. I personally believe that the rise of this wave of glue is greatly affected by surrounding commodities, so it leads to the acceleration of the rate, and the main force does not have enough time to build warehouses. This rapid rise in cost has made some enterprises unbearable, calling for an increase in the use proportion of synthetic glue Technical indicators: Universal experimental machine is one of the products with large volume and wide range in the industry. The daily rubber inventory announced today is reduced by 0.6%

personal view: Japanese rubber still has room to rise, and the probability of high-level fluctuation of Shanghai rubber has increased. Now with the development of industrial production, the range fluctuation pattern is dominated by changing any two connected positions as high as the opposite, selling low and absorbing low. Pay attention to the volume and price of glue in May

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