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Qi county strives to build "the city of glassware in China"

one goal, two markets, three bases, four ways, five centers, and ten major projects In the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, Qi County, Jinzhong City, centered on the goal of "transformation, leap forward and revitalization", based on the assumption of resources and industrial development, made use of the advantages of low temperature, and with extraordinary courage and courage, with a total investment of 2.25 billion yuan in the five-year estimate, sounded the march of the 12th Five Year Plan to build the city of glassware in China, playing the strongest voice of the transformation and development of Qi county

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Qi county will further consolidate the foreign market and develop the domestic market by focusing on the goal of building "the city of glassware in China", continue to increase the development core area of glassware industry dominated by Dahua Company and Hongyi company, xiashen glassware industry development radiation area dominated by Jingpeng company, and Xinghuo company The concentration of the three bases in the Wenqu glassware industry development radiation zone dominated by Yuantong company should take the "four ways", build the "five centers", and strive to improve the overall level of the glassware industry

to develop the glassware industry, allied market research company has given four ways through a report: prediction and production line, brand improvement, high-end product research and development, and the integration of trade, industry and tourism. Develop machine-made production lines and rapidly expand production scale with machine-made products; Build crystal glass production lines to produce high-end glass products; Encourage enterprises to set up marketing centers abroad, participate in the integration of international market resources by means of brand acquisition, merger and reorganization, equity acquisition, etc., and promote the branding and internationalization of enterprises; Hold exhibitions and promotions, carry out product manufacturing process visits and tourism, take tourism with work, and promote industry with trade. At the same time, five centers will be built, including product design center, technology research and development center, quality inspection center, glass art center and product trading center. First, relying on the Silicate Research Institute of Shanghai Donghua University, Jingpeng company established a glassware product design center with a construction scale of 6000 square meters. Second, relying on Tianjin University of science and technology, Dahua Company established a glassware technology research and development center with a construction scale of 6000 square meters. Third, relying on the existing Shanxi glass product quality supervision and inspection center in our county, we applied to upgrade the China glass product quality supervision and inspection center to undertake the task of tackling key problems in the quality of glass products. Fourth, relying on the glass art department of Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, the Red Sea company established the China Glass Art Center, with a construction scale of 10000 square meters. Fifth, relying on Shanxi University and Shanxi University of Finance and economics, Hongyi company established a glass products trading center

glassware industry is the leading leading industry in the industrial economy of Qi county. After more than 50 years of development, it has a good industrial foundation. It has played an important role in creating taxes, providing employment and protecting people's livelihood, and has made important contributions to the development of county economy. In 2004, Qi county was named "China glassware production and export base" by the China Light Industry Federation, and the "Dahua" trademark was recognized as "China's well-known trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. In order to ensure the stable development and continuous growth of this characteristic industry, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Qi county will rely on four advantages: location, energy, carrier (5, nano calcium carbonate Provincial Development Zone), humanities, and invest 2.25 billion yuan, focusing on the implementation of ten projects. These ten projects are infrastructure construction project, environmental protection furnace type transformation project, national glass product quality supervision and inspection center project, China Glass Art Park project, hongyiwu continuous enhancement of enterprise comprehensive strength and sustainable development capacity flow center project, provincial scientific research institution construction project, crystal glass production line project in cooperation with the Czech Republic, Dahua barium crown glassware automatic production line project Jingpeng company acquired Portuguese VAA group shares and brand projects and supporting industrial projects. After the completion of the project, the output value will be increased by 4.1 billion yuan, the profit will be 700million yuan, the tax will be 400million yuan, and 25000 workers will be arranged

in recent years, the Qixian County Party committee and government have attached great importance to the glassware industry, and actively promoted the development of the glass industry through policy preferences, financial support, giving priority to solving enterprise problems and other measures. This year, the county listed the construction of China Glass Art Museum as one of the eight major projects of the county in 2011. Invested and constructed by Qixian Honghai Glass Co., Ltd., the construction of the China Glass Art Museum, which integrates the functions of popular science education, academic exhibition, discipline research and art exhibition, has also kicked off the building of Qixian into the capital of Chinese glassware

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